Thursday, June 08, 2006

The race we run while the race in need of running waits for runners...

Cruising the internets while trying to eat today is a wee bit like snacking while watching an autopsy, because pictures of the very dead Al Zarqawi are on every major news site.

We get it, people! He’s dead. Okay, you can take the gruesome pictures down.

Lawd, have mercy.


Someone at CNN has a sense of humor. Specifically, where the Top Stories include Breeder hit with dead ChihuahuaHotel: Put that Crackberry down, you addict!...followed by Duck stalking gator caught near daycare…and ending with Madonna’s Getting Dressed.

Y’all are my kind of crazy, CNN online…get on with your bad selves!

Moving forward…

Saturday a bitch will join thousands of other St. Louisans at the 2006 Komen Race for the Cure. The race raises money for breast cancer awareness, research, screening and treatment.

Several of you sent me a link to news stories detailing how black women are particularly vulnerable to a deadly form of breast cancer. Thank you and, for those interested in learning more, that information can be found here.

The race we run while the race in need of running waits for runners…
While preparing for the Komen Race, this bitch has been contemplating the monumental efforts made towards bullshit goals…like saving/protecting/uplifting marriage, making sure the rich don’t pay taxes and building a fence on the border with Mexico.

In debating the defeated Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, several Senators mentioned the apparent support for this on the state level. Many states have passed bans, some have bans pending and others are in the process of getting their ban on.

What if…oh, maybe a bitch had better stop…fuck it…

What if finding a cure for breast cancer was as crucial an issue as keeping some folks from getting hitched?

Oh no she didn’t!

Mmmmhmmm, let’s take it there. Why the hell not? What do we gain by taking the polite route, when there is nothing polite or civil about wasting the people’s time on panderific bullshit when there are HUGE and massive issues on the table.

A bitch is rolling up my sleeves…somebody get me a glass of water, ‘cause this bitch is about to work up a sweat!

What if the Senate had gathered to debate legislation for healthcare funding, research, treatment and screening?

What if you replaced gay marriage with breast cancer…and many states passed bills calling for the protection of women’s health, some had legislation pending calling for funding for screenings for low income families and other states had citizens mobilizing and going door to door passing out breast self-exam pamphlets?

Do you feel me on this?


Expand it, my brothers and sisters…just think about the potential of that shit for a moment.

And then ponder the race run instead…what those choices say about the individuals involved and those who caved in submission to their demands.

Social conservatives seduced the genie from the bottle…and flushed their wish down the toilet like so much shit.

It just makes me quizzical…this curious use of time, money and energy…when there are people starving, chil’ren suffering, babies dying, women and men fighting the fight of their lives against monstrous diseases...and a marriage ban was the race that was just run.

Just open the door a wee bit and glimpse the other track…gaze upon citizens gathering on the White House lawn to demand universal healthcare…see women debating the sanctity of our bodies on CNN rather than the divine nature of marriage…witness preachers bowing their heads to pray for a cure for breast cancer instead of a cure for gayness, an end to AIDS rather than an end to orientation, that the faithful be filled with love rather than hated and vanity.

What could have been…what could be…is so much more amazing, so fantastically powerful that it is almost laughable in the face of…

In the face of the race we run while the race in need of running waits for runners.

The 2006 St. Louis Komen Race for the Cure is this Saturday June 10th.


Gina said...

I wasn't even half way through and was hollaring "Amen"! It is amazing how many people you can fool with smoke, mirrors and bullshit.

TwinsGoddess said...

What are you suggesting? That our government should be working to improve the lives of the country's citizens? Maybe even of people who weren't BORN HERE?

Because if they did THAT, they wouldn't have any time to push the agendas of the noisy, big-money minority lunatics down all of our throats!

Crazy talk!

TwinsGoddess said...

P.S. Good luck with your race. You are a woman of action, ABB. The world needs more of those.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there too, along with at least 59,999 other people. Shuffling for the cure. Unless you are a competitive runner, the crush means the 5 K or 1 mi goes at a slow walk.

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