Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update...Stolen VA laptop found!

They found the laptop containing the sensitive data of some 26.5 millions veterans!

Apparently the data has not been accessed.


Now, someone please shut the fucking barn door and lock it!

Lawd, have mercy...


Hammer said...

My sister, the veteran, received a letter telling her that her SSN, etc. had been stolen from the VA office. I didn't make the conection until now that this is probably the reason!



PS. I still have your Belgian yumminess to give you!

misneach said...

Did they finally find it? I was certain it had been picked up by the Al-Qaeda-7 terror cell in florida to be spread all over the world to people who could then take over the measley VA pensions of our veterans to use to buy... well, not much. It also crossed my mind that the Al-Quaeda-7 might, after getting their hands on the VA information, pass it along to people who might then steal the veterans identities for the purpose of killing themselves (while pretending to be veterans!). Now that would have been a brilliant "tactic to further the jihadi cause."

Vera said...

My hubby got a letter too, so that's a relief.

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Like I BELIEVE it wasn't accessed. Glad it was found, but don't believe a word out of the mouth of this administration of stupidity, arrogance and incompetance.

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