Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On slavery…

Last year my sister C-Money and I watched the TED talk How to Combat Modern Slavery given by anti-slavery activist Kevin Bales. The video gives shocking details on modern slavery and the activism currently under way to end it.

One of the many hurdles anti-slavery activists encounter is that far too many people think slavery no longer exists.

Others, like the rancid race-baiting shits behind a series of anti-choice billboards popping up in cities across America, seek to re-write history and manipulate the understanding of slavery to fulfill their goals of demonizing women of color, resurrecting the idea that women of color have a racial obligation to breed, and shaming women of color who seek access to the full range of reproductive healthcare.

Slavery was slavery…and, to the world’s shame, slavery still is slavery.

Slavery exists…but not in healthcare centers.

People still enslave other people…but women of color seeking access to reproductive health care are not enslaving or enslaved or addicted or dangerous or perpetrating genocide.

Slavery was and is.

Combat it…expose it...end it, instead of appropriating its history to oppress women of color.

One need not open a history book to learn about slavery – Google “slavery in America” and you’ll find stories about workers kept in chains and locked in boxes, forced to work in tomato fields…case after case of forced labor and sexual exploitation in America and abroad, all very real and current examples of actual slavery that fail to capture anti-choice groups’ attention because real emancipation isn’t as appealing as oppression dressed up to look like emancipation.

Spare me the comments trying to make the case that equating abortion to slavery is accurate or that such advertisements don’t indict black women for enslaving our own or accuse us of willingly being enslaved.

Spare me the propaganda that these atrocious insults and lies are meant to liberate black people.

I am a black woman.

I am the descendent of slaves.

And I know that slavery was slavery…slavery is slavery…and the most dangerous place for my rights, my dignity, and my history is in the hands of my oppressor.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On health...

I need to purge my mind…indulge me.

Years ago I was watching a documentary on the history of tanning.

There was a time when being tanned was seen as being a worker and being a worker was seen as lesser than equal. Tanned arms meant a person labored outdoors. Women of means trolled about with parasols to shield them from the sun least they catch some sun. Fascinating. But in the early 1900s, factories replaced toiling in the fields for many and vacations came into vogue for the few. The leisure class flipped the script on tans. Suddenly, having a tan meant you had the privilege of leisure time in the sun and that you weren’t locked in a factory all day or tied to a desk.

Tans are still the concert t-shirt of vacations – people return to work or school to show off freshly bronzed or burned skin as proof they got their vacation on in the sun. When someone is pale, folks sometimes tell him or her they’ve been working too hard. Fascinating.

I thought of that curious history when news came that yet another state, Texas this time, has moved to defund Planned Parenthood and eliminate access to a key provider of low cost family planning and life saving cancer screenings for thousands of people.

And the chorus asks… “What the hell does tanning have to do with defunding Planned Parenthood?”

And a bitch replies… “My people call it privilege.”

Health is a privilege.

It shouldn’t be.

The ability to go to a health care center and get a yearly check-up, complete with Pap smear and breast exam, shouldn’t be the equivalent of being able to afford a vacation in the sun.

But that’s what many states are creating – a freakish new reality where access to life saving exams and tests is reserved for the few.

Some people can take a week off…fly off to some beach-based destination and lounge in the sun. 

Some people can access affordable health care…go the doctor and get checked out, tested and know that they are doing fine…or find out that something is wrong and take steps to address that.

Each state government that has moved to defund Planned Parenthood has done so without offering an alternative.

They have eliminated…not replaced.

The conservative lie that taxpayers are funding abortion has moved beyond damaging deliberately obtuse rhetoric…as policy, it is devastating.

Every day equals tests for cervical cancer that are not happening.

Every week equals another seven days that thousands are not screened for sexually transmitted diseases…are not able to afford birth control.

Every opportunity for prevention missed costs we the people money.

In county upon county found in state after state, people who once had access to life saving and cost saving health care are now left with nothing.


And yet so much more than the wistful longing for leisure time on a beach.


And I can’t help wondering how long it will take before simple wellness becomes a badge of prosperity.


Truth be told, we’re already there.

And the chorus sighs as one… “Shame.”


Monday, June 27, 2011


First let me congratulate the great state of New York, where same-sex marriage became legal over the weekend!

A fluff of the Afro to the thousands of New York activist who made up the movement for marriage equality – this victory has your names written all over it. 

I must confess that it was emotional to watch yet another state move forward because too many states, like my home state of Missouri, resist extending basic protections to LGBT residents. They call this a struggle for a reason, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Speaking of same-sex marriage, a certain Michele Bachmann of IowaMinnesota…


C'mon, she’s working a multi-state identity like it’s going out of style!


Where was I?

Oh yes…Bachmann of IowaMinnesota recently claimed to have a“titanium spine” while working on the pre-campaign campaign trail in Iowa.

I couldn’t shake the thought that I’ve heard that titanium spine stuff before…and, thanks to the magic of Google, I quickly confirmed that Bachmann’s been claiming she’s got a metal spine for quite some time!

She mentioned her spine o’ titanium as far back as 2006 when speaking of her opposition to same-sex marriage.


To be accurate, Bachmann’s titanium spine has evolved.

She definitely claimed to have a metal spine in 2006 when touting her anti-equality man-on-woman sanctified marriage supporting “values”…and I assume that it was still solid during the recent GOP debate ‘cause she didn’t issue a press release announcing the removal of her metal spine before she re-stated her opposition to same-sex marriage but said states’ rights trumped federal blah, blah, blah.

But a curious change took place after the New York marriage victory – Bachmann’s titanium spine became flexible as hell (translation – Bachmann’s political spine was flipping before flopping like a noodle fresh out of boiling water) as she called for a Constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman just days after saying that shit wasn’t necessary.

That doesn’t sound like a solid metal spine to me.

Titanium is corrosion resistance and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.  Clearly, Bachmann’s spine was easily corroded by bigotry and shows a clear weakness when confronted with minor challenges like remaining politically consistent on an issue for more than 30 days.

Methinks Bachmann’s spine, like her respect for true individual liberty, is as soft as aluminum.

Titanium, my black ass…

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Pride!

This is Pridefest weekend in St. Louis…hooray!

I’ll be at the festival Saturday and Sunday…and I’ll be marching in the parade with Planned Parenthood along with my fellow activists too.

Pridefest is a fun two-day event here in St. Louis…but it is also an opportunity to meet folks from across the region, some of who are experiencing active discrimination and bullying in their communities.

I remember an encounter a few years ago, when I was at a booth distributing the Pride Pages. A young lesbian couple approached and I asked them whether they were enjoying the weekend.  It was hot as hell…humid and muggy from a recent rain shower…and I felt like I was literally going to melt.

Translation – I was kind of bitter.

But the two women before me were all smiles and happiness. 

They held hands…arms swinging…and told me that it was a rare pleasure to be able to do that in an accepting environment that celebrated love.  One woman said that she feared having her employer find out that she is a lesbian because she was certain she would be fired.

Hands clasped together…

Her fears were and are valid – in the state of Missouri, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, refused access to public services, and denied parenting rights.

Fingers entwined…

They thanked me for being a part of a festival they look forward to every year.

Arms swinging in rhythm to the music floating through the crowd…

I thanked them for attending…for sharing their story.


And I was reminded, as I am every June, what the movement for LGBTQ equality and rights is about.

Protection from harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

Education and empowerment that will make our communities more inclusive and stronger for it.

Visibility with out fear…love without violent repression.


Have a fantabulous Pridefest, y’all!

I hope to see you at Tower Grove Park…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breaking News - another minority baby and single mother alert!

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

New census data shows that minorities make up the majorityof babies in the United States.  Data also shows a growth in households, particularly minority households, headed up by single mothers.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Shark-Fu’s initial reaction to the new census data on minority babies…

Oh shit, now conservatives are going to freak the fuck out because they fear a majority of minorities will seek revenge for decades of oppression that they deny taking part in even though their fear subliminally acknowledges it.

I anticipate an increase in anti immigration legislation, bigoted language, and conservative calls for white women to get their Duggar on as part of a racial obligation to protect “traditional families”.


Shark-Fu’s follow-up reaction to the new census data on households headed by single women…

I need Tony Perkins’ providing family planning advice like I need a drug resistant staff infection.

Of all the rancid motherfuckers to get a quote from for this news story…Perkins?


My eyes hurt just from reading his name!

If Mr. Perkins is concerned about the economic impact of single women raising families he should turn his wretched gaze toward a solution – fair pay for women would go a long way to addressing the issue of being able to make ends meet.   

But I guess that would be too much like right…right?

***rolls eyes***

Shark-Fu’s final reaction before logging off and getting ready for work…

This new census data should inspire policy makers to brush up on People Are Intersectional for Dummies

…but the coverage in the press leads me to believe that this information will instead inspire The Man to ramp up the bigotry.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hold please...

I'm working on a deadline!

Bitchitude shall return this evening.


Monday, June 20, 2011

The Elements, hanging with my siblings, and a concert to remember…

Last week I attended Netroots Nation 2011 in beautiful Minneapolis Minnesota!  I had a great time, took copious notes, and returned home fired up and ready to make change.

I flew home Saturday.  When we landed, I checked my voicemail and found a message from my sister C-Money – Earth, Wind & Fire was in town, she got tickets, and we’d be taking our older brother Bill too.

Lots of readers know that our older brother is autistic…but longtime readers know that Bill loves him some Earth, Wind & Fire.  He particularly adores “September” so much that he sang the chorus…over and over again…for years.

As I rode the Metro into town, concern over Bill latching onto that chorus again joined my typical trepidation over taking him out into crowded unfamiliar places.  I have a hard time with folks staring at my brother and he is a vocal sort of guy…but I quickly decided that we were going to give this concert a go, rude ass staring people be damned!

I was beyond exhausted, but that worked in my favor…I was too tired to get truly uptight over what may or may not happen at the concert.

Anyhoo, C-Money had scored a ticket for a staff member at Bill’s residence…they picked us up and we headed to the Fabulous FOX Theatre in St. Louis.

Bill was in a great mood…he was fascinated by the ornate ceiling, still magnificent despite smoke damage from a recent fire.  He indulged in one moment of attempted manipulation over getting more than one soda pop...but after the concert began, Bill seemed intrigued by the psychedelic light show on stage.  We sat and enjoyed the music for a while and then we walked around because he’s not one to sit still for long periods of time.

Ultimately we ended up in an area just beyond the first floor seats.

Bill had a HUGE smile on his face...he was having a blast.  When he hugged one of the ushers I got worried…but when I went to apologize and explain, she just smiled and said... “He’s having fun!  That’s what this is about, right?” and went back to getting her groove on.

We didn’t stay for the entire concert…I’m not sure if Earth, Wind & Fire played "September."

But I did get a chance to dance with my brother…and to be reminded that lots of folks are not rude assholes and my brother is just fine out and about in the community.

It is fitting that our sibling family went to an Earth, Wind & Fire concert during Father’s Day weekend – our Dad loved this band and he would have been thrilled at the idea that his children had a great night out listening to fantabulous live music together.

Many thanks to the concession staff and ushers at the Fabulous FOX theatre – for the quick refills on soda pop and for being welcoming, accepting, and shaking your groove thangs along with the crowd!

And thanks to C-Money for having a great idea and acting on ya!

Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

At Netroots Nation!

Hi all,

A bitch is at Netroots Nation in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota!

I don't feel like lugging Ms. Sister Girl Macbook Pro around, so follow me on Twitter for updates etc.

Toodles for now!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For the smiling face on the wall…

Yesterday, my sister and I toured my brother’s new program. 

After years of trying to patch together daily activities for my brother Bill, he is finally in a structured day program that gets him out and in the community from 9a-3pm Monday through Friday.  Bill, who is autistic, has wanted a regular program for forever and a day…it took years to get him in one after he became ineligible to work due to a series of anti-people budget cuts and changes in our home state of Missouri.

I’d like to explore this for a spell.

***steps up on soap box***


We the people need to look good and hard at what we’re cutting through budget cuts.

We need to look at what is, not at what has been spun.

When the Governor of Missouri announces spending cuts to programs that have already been slashed to the bone in previous budgets he is announcing that those programs will be programs in name only.

And those programs impact the lives of thousands of Missourians.

Don’t get me wrong…there’s all kinds of spending we need to cut at the state and federal level.

But I toured a program yesterday that is pretty damned awesome.  My brother is part of the program run out by the same organization that manages his residential program – it connects residents with volunteer opportunities at homeless shelters and other area charities in need of volunteers.  This program also involves classes that enrich the volunteer experience by stressing life skills, sign language, and appropriate behavior in a community environment.

In short, this is the kind of program that represents what communities can do when we work together…and the sad truth is that I’m going to have to focus all kinds of energy and advocacy to defend funding for this program because state government doesn’t look at what works anymore in this current environment of Cut & Slash.

I haven’t looked at the new slashified budget for Missouri. I’ll have to and soon. I know better than most that protecting funding is a never ending war against those who put on blindfolds then start whirling their machetes.

For the record…I’m not a saint. I’m not some super hero who should be praised for doing what I know without a doubt my brother would do if the tables were turned.

I’m a sister.

This is my family…my community…my state and, therefore, my motherfucking budget too.

Yesterday I toured an awesome facility…one that I am proud to have in my community. I looked at the gym where my brother plays basketball, at the classroom with his name in bright colors on the wall, and at a drawing of a smiling face on the chalkboard that represents how Bill was feeling being there.

It took years for us to get to this the point where we were touring a program Bill is enrolled in rather than hearing about programs he doesn’t qualify for.

I’m a sister and I’m fighting for that smiling face on the wall.
And you can bet your ass I'm carrying that image with me as I prepare for yet another budget battle.

***steps off soap box***

Monday, June 13, 2011

Let’s get this party started…

Happy Monday, y’all!

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Tonight the GOP presidential hopefuls will get their debate on in New Hampshire.

In many ways, this debate will be a test for the most electable GOP candidate currently in the field – Mitt Romney.

Romney’s healthy poll numbers against President Obama (and no, I don’t need a lecture in how silly it is to buy poll numbers this far out…or in general…or ever at all, given how fucked up from the floor up they tend to be) have some in the GOP rethinking their previous serious dislike of him…and those hopefuls who also covet the presidency know that they must tarnish Romney’s shine if they are to be seen at all.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Tis gonna be like watching a debutante ball populated by the cast of Mean Girls!

Tim Pawlenty has already taken a swipe at Romney’s healthcare reform during the latter's turn as Governor of Massachusetts…and you can bet your morning coffee that he won’t be the only one.

In truth, Romney’s move to stand by his health care reform was shrewd as hell…but it also exposes a potentially terminal flaw within the GOP nomination process.

Now that Mitt has doubled down on his health care reform, a head-to-head Romney against Obama would be likely involve debates over everything else domestic, international, and economic…and perhaps even a back-and-forth over the nuance and implementation of federal health care reform.

What it wouldn’t be is a debate over whether health care needed to be reformed in the first place…cause Romney took that shit off the table.

Sidebar – Mitt might flip or flop or flip and flop…it’s still early yet…and anything is possible in politics.

The issue is that Mr. Currently Electable is now trying to woo a base that’s hungry for fresh meat with a bowl full of fresh steamed broccoli.

Pause…sip more coffee…continue.

And so those who adore elephants and tea while longing for the presidency shall debate tonight...and political junkies will get our first look at how far to the right the GOP field has to pander to attract a base hell bent on sticking to niche “values”, political victories and domestic stability be damned.

***rubs hands together***

Strike up the band, baby, and let’s get this party started!

Friday, June 10, 2011

On Medicare and Medicaid…

Happy Friday, y’all!

Let's talk about Medicare and Medicaid, shall we?

A lot of folks are debating Medicare and Medicaid funding and some politicians have proposed radical changes to both programs.  I’ve heard from advocacy groups representing the poor and seniors…but I haven’t seen interviews with groups representing a huge population that would be fucked over if Medicare and Medicaid are dismantled in favor of unproven reform-based fubarity – the disabled.

Longtime readers know that my sister and I are co-guardians for our older brother.  My brother is autistic and relies on coverage from both Medicare and Medicaid.

He isn’t getting over or participating in a hustle…trust me.

Last year my brother’s primary care physician opted to no longer take patients with Medicaid, so I had the joy of trying to find another provider in a city where fewer and fewer doctors are seeing patients with Medicaid. 

The reason behind a doctor’s decision to no longer accept Medicaid patients is clear – the program is slow to pay and doesn’t provide adequate coverage. 

But that’s not what these politicians are trying to "fix."

Rather than address the issues within the program that would alleviate the burden placed on doctors and patients, these callous knaves seek only to slash funding.

And trust me on this too – funding is already lacking because of the issues within the program that are placing a burden on doctors and patients.

With another generation of autistic children becoming autistic adults, we can no longer afford for the disabled to remain unspoken for in this debate.

People like my brother are part of this equation...BIG TIME.

I’d love for policy folks to work on instilling some efficiency…something tells me that would also cut costs without cutting coverage.

But I’m not seeing that…I guess it would be too much like “right.”

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

As a guardian and an advocate I’m speaking this shit out into the universe – Medicaid isn’t a program for lazy freeloaders and Medicare isn’t a program for solvent retirees who could afford other coverage but opt not to. 

This isn’t about stereotypes…this debate is real as hell for millions of Americans…and I’ll be damned if the spin takes out yet another program my brother needs because some motherfucker with political aspirations what’s to pander to his gleefully ignorant base.

We need to revise our definitions to include all the people who actually use these programs…

….because Medicare and Medicaid recipients reflect the kind of diversity Congress should.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A community in sorrow…standing for peace.

Even as Missourians struggle to come to terms with the overwhelming loss in Joplin from a tornado, those of us in St. Louis are also coping with violence of another sort.

Last month, 7-year-old Jnylah Douglas went outside to play at the playground in her housing complex and was shot in the head.

A suspect has been arrested and charged.

It is believed that Jnylah was the victim of a drug deal gone wrong.

The Friday after Jnylah was shot, I left work with co-workers to attend a midday vigil at the playground inside the Clinton-Peabody Housing Complex where Jnylah Douglas was shot.

It was a beautiful day, the sky high above us filled with cotton ball clouds that floated in a sea of bright blue.  A crowd had already assembled, many residents of the housing complex and others, like me, were from neighboring communities.

Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett, who represents the ward where Clinton-Peabody is located, led us through the vigil.  A resident spoke about how she had raised her daughter, now an adult, in Clinton-Peabody and then called for renewed unity.  She pointed out that nothing like this has ever happened before in the complex and that the alleged assailant was arrested as a result of tips from residents.  Jnylah’s grandmother sat on the edge of a slide not far from me, rocking slowly back and forth as supporters held her close.

Throughout the service there was the sound of children.




The scuffle of sneakers as they ran in between the adults.

Mothers hushed them.

Children were captured in hugs…adults holding on tight and the children, sensing the elevation of emotion, looked up in confusion as they struggled to break free and continue their games.

It was a lovely vigil…as lovely as a vigil held for a victim of violence can be.  And yet, it was also a powerful reminder of what community means.

I took it all in - the crowd that stood beneath a stunning bright blue sky…children dancing and dodging about…all eyes cast upward as balloons were released.

And when it was all over the visitors dispersed.

May she rest in peace…

…and may we continue to work toward it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A ween is just a ween, but a lie is another thing altogether...

Confession – a dear friend from Texas is responsible for my tendency to call a penis a ween.  You’d have to hear her say it, with a West Texas accent – too cute!

Anyhoo…on the case of the phantom ween or rather the fall of Congressman Weiner otherwise known as Weinergate.

Shall we?

I could give a shit whether Congressman Weiner was texting.  I do give a shit whether Congressman Weiner was stalking attractive fans through Facebook and Twitter…but that remains to be seen.

My issue is with the lie…and it’s near Nixonian texture.

On the surface it would seem that this latest political scandal is lame and the result of some conservative minion launching assaults on key liberal politicians as part of his ultimate campaign for world domination.

Tis true that a conservative minion with a habit of targeting liberals broke this story.

But the problem isn’t that a peevish little shit broke the story and the problem isn’t that Weiner sent pictures to women who are not his wife – those are issues that became problems when Weiner lied his ass off, made charges that someone hacked his accounts, and the lied some more.

‘Tis the lie that is the problem.

The lie…and all that the lie reveals.

Oh, don’t get me wrong…I understand the lie.  Hell, I probably would have wanted to at least attempt to lie my way out of that shit my damn self!

But the lie is what turns an issue into a problem…and the fall out from the lie is what turns a promising political career into a ween joke.

Congressman Weiner’s lie about texts and/or tweets is amusing political theater for some…ill-timed distractitude for others…and a shit-storm for Democrats.

For his constituents it is a disturbing look at what their Congressman will do when in a pinch…how he will respond when called out on a mistake…what his instinct is when shit goes wrong, when he may look bad, when he fucks up.

He lied…doubled down on that lie…and had to be hauled, kicking a screaming with feet literally dragging, to meet the truth face to face.

It is important that we don’t see that as trivial.

When President Nixon and his minions lied about a third rate burglary that was wrong…but his position as the head of government and the military is what made his instinct to lie to protect his ass intolerable.

A ween is just a ween…but a lie?

Oh, a lie can take a nation to war…can result in death and destruction…can destroy far more than a political career.

I suppose we’re lucky that the conservative minion who broke this story was hell bent on breaking a scandal and didn’t think to blackmail Congressman Weiner.


That’s not the kind of “lucky” that should make anyone sleep easy.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

I forgot to put my car in PARK last Monday…

Take a deep breath.

And begin.

Over Memorial Day weekend I crashed…literally and figuratively.

I was getting sick and was already tired, so I took to my bed to try and head illness off at the pass.

It didn’t work.

By Monday my head cold was kicking in…but I hadn’t done all the shit that I needed to do, so I rallied my exhausted almost sick ass to go out and run errands.

My last stop was the grocery store.

I turned into the parking lot…head pounding and mind racing with all the shit I’d need to try to do once I finished shopping and got home.

Slide into parking space.
Check wallet for funds, cell phone and shopping list.
Get out and lock door.

I walked quickly into the market, got a basket and started shopping.

I was more than half way through my list when an announcement came over the store channel… “Will the owner of a blue Volkswagen Cabrio please come to the customer service desk?!”

“Shit,” I thought…or maybe even said… “That’s my car!”

I left the basket…befuddled and concerned…and made my way to the customer service desk.

“Your car hit another car in the parking lot.”


That didn’t make sense.

The machines hadn’t become self-aware…had they?

Ms. Sistah Girl Cabrio couldn’t just take it upon herself to go for a drive and hit something…could she?

Hit something…hit some thing…oh, Gawd…what if my car hit some…one?

Bolt out of the store.
Across the parking lot, like a blur.
Ears ringing.
Heart racing.

There was my car…kissing the ass of a cherry red Chrysler.

There were a couple of other shoppers…their faces full of shock as if they’d just leapt out of the way of a runaway Volkswagen Cabrio.

And there was the owner of the Chrysler…an older black woman who was equal parts disturbed and confused.

“Is everyone okay?”
“Was anyone hurt?”

Everyone was okay.

No one was hurt.

I took a deep breath, clenched my hands into fists, and gazed under my car.

No crushed limbs…no mangled bodies.

Everyone's okay!
No one's hurt!

Insurance information was exchanged….I moved my car to a different spot...Chrysler lady and I parted ways rather quickly.

I had neglected to put my car in park.

So busy…always rushing…not feeling well and so many errands to finish.

When I had parked my car earlier there had been a car in the spot opposite to mine…when that customer left, my car was no longer restricted…still in drive, it went ahead and drove….

Across the parking lot…only a few feet…past at least one woman who barely missed getting hit…and into the ass of a cherry red Chrysler.

Back into the store….finish shopping and check out…return to car.
Hands shaking.
Key in ignition.
No one…hurt.
From PARK to DRIVE and then REVERSE.
Oh my Gawd, oh my Gawd, oh my Gawd.
REVERSE to DRIVE and then go.

I drove home and parked (brake up, this time).

I took the groceries out and into the house.

Fed the dawgs.

Put the groceries away.

Sank to my knees...

heart racing…hands shaking…

…my hands with palms down on the cool wood of the floor

…and cried.

Because everyone was okay and no one was hurt when I forgot to put my car in PARK last Monday.


Thursday, June 02, 2011


I’ve caught another cold.

Or maybe this is the same cold and it never really went away.


Either way, my ass is sick.

And y’all know the rule – friends don’t let friends blog while taking ‘tussin!

Bitchitude shall be delayed until I can breathe through both nostrils again.

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