Thursday, June 23, 2011

Breaking News - another minority baby and single mother alert!

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

New census data shows that minorities make up the majorityof babies in the United States.  Data also shows a growth in households, particularly minority households, headed up by single mothers.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Shark-Fu’s initial reaction to the new census data on minority babies…

Oh shit, now conservatives are going to freak the fuck out because they fear a majority of minorities will seek revenge for decades of oppression that they deny taking part in even though their fear subliminally acknowledges it.

I anticipate an increase in anti immigration legislation, bigoted language, and conservative calls for white women to get their Duggar on as part of a racial obligation to protect “traditional families”.


Shark-Fu’s follow-up reaction to the new census data on households headed by single women…

I need Tony Perkins’ providing family planning advice like I need a drug resistant staff infection.

Of all the rancid motherfuckers to get a quote from for this news story…Perkins?


My eyes hurt just from reading his name!

If Mr. Perkins is concerned about the economic impact of single women raising families he should turn his wretched gaze toward a solution – fair pay for women would go a long way to addressing the issue of being able to make ends meet.   

But I guess that would be too much like right…right?

***rolls eyes***

Shark-Fu’s final reaction before logging off and getting ready for work…

This new census data should inspire policy makers to brush up on People Are Intersectional for Dummies

…but the coverage in the press leads me to believe that this information will instead inspire The Man to ramp up the bigotry.



Vesuvian Woman said...

As much as it humbles me to reveal: when it comes to abortion, there are fewer first-timers than repeat offenders; Although the percentages are specifically disproportinate when addressing race -- there is no correlation available between the race of women having the procerdure and the number of times the procedure has been performed i.e. race X averages 2.3 abortions per year (specifically regarding the state I researched).

It's time to address the hard truth: People with money don't want to share. They want to empower themselves with controlling everything that isn't fighting back.

How do we fight without being ruled by violence?

Unknown said...

Tony the jerkwad Perkins? Give me an effin break!

Yep, another round of fuckery by the right on this is sure to begin.

Anonymous said...

I was speaking with men the other day on two separate occasions and they actually believe that single mothers are ruining their sons, and that they want to be single. They have so much contempt for these women that it is palpable. They have decided to ignore the fact that many men are refusing to do right and are getting a pass. These conversations angered me so much that I am still spitting nails.

And yes, you know women making the right amount of money to raise their kids on would help. Those who hold the purse stings want to pretend that people are too stupid, lazy or whatever things they have made up to make a living wage. This too angers me.

Anonymous said...

I have a Master's Degree, tons of experience in different areas and can not find a job. Luckily, I don't have kids but still I need to live. There is always some reason why I don't get the job. I am frustrated with this system that keeps people out.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so up in arms over women raising kids? This is such a non-issue being turned into an issue, yet another smoke screen or racist, sexist attempt to make women seem less than. Women have been raising kids since the beginning of time. Why is this issue being politicized? This is what we need to ask the folks who are politicizing this issue.

Perry said...

I just sent a letter to USA Today blasting them for quoting the head of an acknowleged hate organization.

I also alerted them that while I don't read their rag, I do use it to line the bottom of my Macaw's birdcage. It fits perfectly!

Perry said...

"Acknowledged." I do know how to spell, y'all! LOL

Mr.Macho said...

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