Monday, June 27, 2011


First let me congratulate the great state of New York, where same-sex marriage became legal over the weekend!

A fluff of the Afro to the thousands of New York activist who made up the movement for marriage equality – this victory has your names written all over it. 

I must confess that it was emotional to watch yet another state move forward because too many states, like my home state of Missouri, resist extending basic protections to LGBT residents. They call this a struggle for a reason, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Speaking of same-sex marriage, a certain Michele Bachmann of IowaMinnesota…


C'mon, she’s working a multi-state identity like it’s going out of style!


Where was I?

Oh yes…Bachmann of IowaMinnesota recently claimed to have a“titanium spine” while working on the pre-campaign campaign trail in Iowa.

I couldn’t shake the thought that I’ve heard that titanium spine stuff before…and, thanks to the magic of Google, I quickly confirmed that Bachmann’s been claiming she’s got a metal spine for quite some time!

She mentioned her spine o’ titanium as far back as 2006 when speaking of her opposition to same-sex marriage.


To be accurate, Bachmann’s titanium spine has evolved.

She definitely claimed to have a metal spine in 2006 when touting her anti-equality man-on-woman sanctified marriage supporting “values”…and I assume that it was still solid during the recent GOP debate ‘cause she didn’t issue a press release announcing the removal of her metal spine before she re-stated her opposition to same-sex marriage but said states’ rights trumped federal blah, blah, blah.

But a curious change took place after the New York marriage victory – Bachmann’s titanium spine became flexible as hell (translation – Bachmann’s political spine was flipping before flopping like a noodle fresh out of boiling water) as she called for a Constitutional amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman just days after saying that shit wasn’t necessary.

That doesn’t sound like a solid metal spine to me.

Titanium is corrosion resistance and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.  Clearly, Bachmann’s spine was easily corroded by bigotry and shows a clear weakness when confronted with minor challenges like remaining politically consistent on an issue for more than 30 days.

Methinks Bachmann’s spine, like her respect for true individual liberty, is as soft as aluminum.

Titanium, my black ass…


Rileysdtr said...

Actually I think she has a titanium rod stuck up her.... well. Ahem.

Plus any comic book reader can tell you, admantium is stronger than titanium!

Vesuvian Woman said...

Every time I come across a person against who advocates against same-sex marriage i.e. Love... I think: this (expletive) would put Grandma in a nursing home and never visit. Do we really need people like that running the world???

Scott said...

I live in Bachmann's district. She's basically done nothing for her constituents the entire time she's been privileged to hold office. Why the people in this district continue to elect this inept person I have no idea. She lies on a continuing basis. She has collected in the area of $100,000 in farm subsidies and denies that fact, even though proof of that has come to light and it is undeniable.

Her husband (Dr. Marcus Bachmann), in a news story today, has shown his homophobic true colors as well. Both Michelle and her husband are nucking futs. If they had things there way, they would be demanding that all citizens agree with their far right wing religious viewpoints or suffer the consequences, which, for right now at least is to be subjected to their ridicule and name calling. Would they take that further if she happens to be elected to a higher office? My opinion is yes, they would.

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