Tuesday, June 06, 2006

62 years to the day...

June 5th, 1944. The Allies delayed the D-Day invasion due to poor weather conditions. Operation Overlord is being held like an impatient thoroughbred eager to run. The invasion was crucial…many would die and those in power knew that…and many would suffer the terror of war.

Ponder the moment…the day before D-Day. Ponder that moment right after the decision was made to delay the invasion…to delay the inevitable loss of life, terror, the thunder of war, the crashing through the surf and onto the beach as a shower of bullets rain down upon you and your mates. Ponder the weight of leadership…the unfathomable anxiety of this decision…the potential of victory and the definition of defeat. Think about it for a moment…and a little bit longer…think about what must have been going on in the mind of the President of the United States 62 years ago June 5th 1944.

Fast forward…62 years whirl on by…and it is June 5th 2006. The United States of America is again at war on foreign soil. So, what occupies the time of the President of the United States June 5, 2006? Is he questioning the move to send National Guard troops to the Mexican border in the face of news that a well developed and potentially lethal terror cell has just been broken up in Canada? Is he challenging his military advisors to define victory in Iraq? Is he challenging his foreign policy advisors to nudge the new Iraqi government to fill those pesky and still empty but oh so crucial key government positions?

Or…June 5, 2006…62 years past the day pending battle gnawed at the moral center of the then President…was the current President concerned with domestic issues? Was he working on a new policy initiative to address the fact that America has the 2nd worst newborn mortality rate in the developed world…or to address the ongoing energy crisis…or to address the still unfixed problems with Social Security, education and healthcare?

Mayhap the President took the opportunity…June 5 2006…62 years after thousands of Allied soldiers ate their last meal, cracked their last joke, wrote their last letter and caught their last nap before waking June 6 1944 and dying in battle…mayhap the President of the United States chose June 5th 2006 to address the theft of thousands of veterans confidential information?

But this bitch went to bed last night knowing that the President chose June 5, 2006 to publicly announce...again...that he supports the amending of the Constitution of the United States of America to…drum roll please…ban gay marriage.

Today, June 6, 2006, on the 62nd day of the D-Day invasion…on the anniversary of a day when Americans died to liberate…the United State Senate is debating an amendment that seeks to limit and segregate.

Tomorrow June 7th, on the 62nd anniversary of the aftermath, the counting of the war dead, the mourning of those lost and contemplation of the battles yet to come…tomorrow the United States Senate will vote on an amendment...to ban gay marriage.

Take a moment to let your Senators know your thoughts on this.

Exercise some freedom and flex some liberty today…June 6, 2006…the 62nd Anniversary of D-Day.


Anonymous said...

On this 62nd anniversary of blood and fear and sacrifice, we got word that Marine Cpl. Ryan Cummings, age 22, was killed in Iraq, likely via IED. He was my Beloved's "Best Friend Since 3rd Grade"'s Nephew, had last come home for Christmas, and was proud to serve his country. Just another young soldier, but one who was loved, and admired, and now will be buried in the Military Cemetery in Joliet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this reminder ABB

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank a bitch for the reminder about the marriage amendment vote. This bitch has duly harangued her congressfolk.

Homer said...

ABB, that was an amazing post. I've already called my two Senators. McCain is against the amendment and John Kyl (a Bush clone) heartily supports it. I asked Kyl's office for a letter explaining how Mr. Kyl's marriage was threatened by gays getting hitched. I doubt they will respond.

Nakia said...

To sign online petitions and postcards protesting this step backwards for the human race:

Milo said...

Consider my Senator's faces rocked.

Anonymous said...

I called and emailed my senator, but he's the self-righteous Tom Coburn, so I'm sure that it won't do any good.

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