Friday, June 02, 2006

A quick response...

Okay, so a bitch is still beyond stressed. However, things are falling back into place.

Regarding a question posed by a certain Danielle on feminism and marriage…
Danielle raised an interesting question regarding feminist support of marriage equality in the face of the historical feminist stand against traditional marriage.

Well, this bitch can only speak for my own feminist self. A bitch holds to the notion that marriage has evolved...and needs to evolve some more.

My ass has no plans to marry…the ritual is charming and the pledges are rather comforting, but a bitch has never developed a taste for marriage. Play marriages...well, they are completely different (wink).

However, there are a ton of rights and privileges guaranteed through a legal marriage contract that this bitch thinks should be open to everyone.

From a feminist perspective, there are no absolutes here. Gloria Steinem often spoke out against traditional marriage but then married, on her own terms, later in life. It could be that the tradition has changed for many…that feminism has created a new tradition of marriage in which a woman is not someone's property or required to submit (unless it is that kind of marriage, but that's another post for another time).

However, in the feminist tradition, the current stance for marriage equality as applies to gay marriage is consistent with the general historical stance. Feminism is built on the foundation of equality and ending gender oppression. Denial of rights based on sexual orientation is also the denial of rights based on the gender of those involved in the marriage, which just does not jive with my kind of feminism. Hence the pro marriage equality stance!

Now, a bitch isn’t big on weddings...but my ass just adores receptions. This bitch plans to throw myself a this bitch is committed to bitchitude and therefore married my own bad ass self years ago reception-esque party for my 40th birthday (a bitch has 7 years to plan that shit), complete with Tres Leches yummerific cake, vodka crans, rivers upon rivers upon rivers of Smarties and a live funk band complete with old school Tina Turner dancers.

Fuck it...a bitch may have to throw that shit down when my ass hits 35!



emily said...

Sounds like the perfect place for a face-to-face with your legions of internet fans! Can we come, too?

TwinsGoddess said...

Ooh! OOH! Can I come? Puh-LEEEEEZE?

Anonymous said...

Let me know when your reception is and where you are registered. I'll flip you a gift. If you are so inclined do one of those charity registries.

A friend of mine did when they had their wedding/reception to themselves and she raised $1500 for our local women's shelter. It was very cool. She had her reception with booze, blues, and bbq.

Have a great weekend!

Shark-Fu said...

Too funny!

A bitch digs the notion, so we'll have to plan a 35th birthday/this bitch married my own self reception party and send out invites etc.

Thank Gawd a bitch has a couple of years to pull it together!


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a registry headlined by Smarties. Mmm, Smarties. Unless you need to save for it, you could even do it for your 34th.

Shark-Fu said...

Feel you on that Danielle, but a bitch thinks there are more than one school of thought on the marriage topic. Someone is sure to disagree with me on that, but what's life without a good old fashioned feminist debate (wink)!

As for an all out bash on my 34th...not. A bitch has already decided to grant myself a trip up North to the land of Smartie based goodness and Tim Horton yumminess for my 34th!

Hear that, Canada!

Prepare thyself for 2007 to be the year of the bitch !

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