Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another day, another Presidential visit...

Happy Wednesday, people!

This bitch is 96 hours into my smoking quit. And a bitch has been purging my system with mango lemon-aid and water…coffee and water…and vodka crans followed by water.


Anyhoo, St. Louis is all a flutter because a certain President Bush is visiting today. Actually, Scooter B. will be visiting Clayton…well, more precisely the Ritz-Carlton.

Welcome back, Scooter B.! A bitch can’t wait to see how much money you rustle up at the Ritz-Carlton today for Senator Talent’s campaign.

Just what are all those donors buying, anyway? A bitch is pretty sure they’re hoping to get more than an overpriced uninspired martini and a plate of wings (wink).

While in town, Scooter B. will present a certain Susan Reese, who is a volunteer and a coordinator at St. Patrick’s Center, with a President’s Volunteer Service Award. Ms. Reese has been volunteering with St. Patrick’s Center for 22 years. Wow! St. Patrick’s Center is one of the areas largest providers of services to the homeless and a great volunteer resource too.

Mayhap Scooter B. could drop in a plug for St. Patrick’s Center at the fundraiser tonight? Why the hell not? Instead of donating to Jim Talent’s re-election campaign folks could be encouraged to donate to assist the area homeless!

Just imagine the message that kind of public mass donating would send about conservative values! Folks are already bringing their checkbooks and St. Patrick’s Center is a faith-based organization (wink).

Wow, the potential exists for tonight’s attendees to live their values in a political setting through the faith-based leadership of the President and the self-sacrificing courage of a sitting Senator willing to sacrifice campaign greed for the common good.

We’ll just have to check back tomorrow and see which way the winds of wealth decided to blow…

Information about St. Patrick’s Center may be found here…and information about how to donate your time or cash may be found here.

Congratulations to Ms. Reese for living her values in the community by helping others and helping St. Louis as well.


Anonymous said...

Ms. B, lemme give you a tip about using gum to quit (which I did, successfully so far, tho' you know, a junkie is a junkie till the day s/he dies): mix it with some good tasting gum of your choice. Then, pack it between cheek and gum like you were some dumb relief pitcher.

Shark-Fu said...

Multiple gums? Interesting! They have a fruit flavored gum now...but it tastes like fruit flavored Nicorette. This bitch has been using the Commit lozenge...tolerable, but not yummtastic.

Lawd, do relief pitchers still have wads of chew like that? Mercy...

Anonymous said...

I've gone to two $5,000 a plate functions for the Republicans (one for El Presidente Arbusto) and the best thing about either was the entertainment (Herbie Hancock at one and I can't remember who at the other). Would you believe those MFers had the nerve to serve cubed cheese? I might expect cubed cheese at a frat party or a country wedding, but a Republican fundraiser? Both were buffet-style appetizers only. Cheap bastards.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bitch - congrats on making the decision to stop smoking. Many good wishes. (as opposed to the wishes I send towards NoTalent - mostly involving him getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar or with non-marital nookie)


Anonymous said...

Herbie Hancock playing a Republican event -- say it isn't so!

-- M. in Boston

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