Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Congrats to the 'Canes...

Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes on their thrilling Stanley Cup win!

Sadly, this was not Edmonton’s year…but they did give it a hell of a run.

A bitch watched the entire game…while sipping vodka and grape cran cocktails.

Fantabulous...and the hockey wasn't bad either (wink).


Anonymous said...

Whale of a game!

After years of dragging my reluctant Beloved to hockey games and sneaking them onto the TV at odd moments, I think she's finally and irrevocably hooked... driving home late from work during an earlier game, I called to let her know my ETA, and she was watching all on her own. Even provided color commentary (as she's not a sports fan, she kept saying "they're skating through midcourt!" but I got the idea...)

It was a terrific Game 7, of a terrific series, of a terrific playoffs, of a terrific season. As a side note, this is the first professional sports trophy won in either Carolina, ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for Carolina fans. It's wild to have Lord Stanley's cup below the Mason Dixon line. It belongs in NASCAR country along with all of the fish off the coast of Nova Scotia, Celine Dion and all the funny comedians! The best of Canadia right here in America!! Next, we're gonna steal Don Cherry!!! Sorry, had an ugly American moment, y'all. Totally uncalled for. My bad. I'm sure the Nordiques will bring it home to Canada next year. Oh, that's too evil. I take it back about the Nordiques. You know I love some Canada. But if I was in Carolina, I'd be sippin some Sun Drop from that trophy and photographing it on a fence post. It'd look just right, right at home in the southern sun.... Logging off because I can't act right when it comes to sports.


Joe said...

I'm not really even remotely a hockey fan, but I have to admit I was sorta dumbfounded when I heard NORTH CAROLINA and STANLEY CUP in the same sentence on NPR this morning. Shit... "Carolina" and "Ice Hockey" seem about as unlikely a combination as "Bush" and "Cerebral." But hey, what the heck, I'm sure they deserved it. The Canuckistanis must be embarrassed as shit though.

Shark-Fu said...

A bitch is pretty sure Canada is feeling fine...even Edmonton.

This bitch suspects that several 'Cane players hail from parts of Canada.


And they have Smarties in Canada...real chocolate yumminess in Smartie-based form.

No way anyone can be bitter when there are Smarties about!

leomange said...

i think i'm as, if not more, distraught about the loss as the oilers. they had so much stacked against them, but they were one game away from a cinderella-style playoff... they were 8th in the west while carolina was 1st or 2nd in the east. they were down 3 games to 1 at one point (if'n i'm not mistaken), which has been overcome twice in the history of the stanley cup.

i wanted them to have it, particularly since i didn't want the cup below the mason-dixon line again (i think it was tampa that had it for two years due to the lockout). these southern teams, though they consist of lots of canadians, shouldn't be beating canadians... dammit.

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