Thursday, June 01, 2006

When life gives you stress...turn to cream cheese brownies!

This bitch is beyond overwhelmed!

There's too much to do and not enough time to do it.


A bitch just inhaled a fantabulous cream cheese brownie from Bellon's Market. There was no way around it!

It simply had to be done.


Whoever came up with the notion of combining cream cheese yumminess and brownie based fantastical fudgetude was brilliant.

Bloody brilliant!

Anyhoo, bitchitude will continue tomorrow…


Anonymous said...

Bitch- I have been there and done that wrt being overwhelmed. At one time, I was doing the job of two full time people and one part time person all by my lonesome. Fudgetude would have done me no good.
to let you know- I vote in favor of gay marriage in honor of a special friend of mine who was killed by a hate crime because he was gay. It's what he'd want me to do and I miss him very much. I am strongly in favor of gay rights, but I beg the question---
As a young heterosexual woman being raised in a family with a lot of feminists, I was always taught that marriage would mean nothing but bad stuff for me. I was forced to read feminist literature which described marriage as slavery and prostitution, told it would "diminish my potential" and so forth. Despite that I got married and found none of this to be true for me, I find myself wondering why feminists take the position of being for gay marriage if they historically thought marriage was a hindrance to an individual's life? At what point was the change of heart?
I don't mean for my question to be controversial, I have really wondered this...

Anonymous said...

If anyone deserves a chocolate cream cheese brownie, you do. Am glad you treated yourself!!

Pandora said...

I almost cried that there wasn't a recipe attached to this post. Was it better than Smarties?

J said...

Hmmm...that kind of reminds me of a recipe that my husband used to TRY to make called Joan Lundon fudge...I think he got it out of a TV guide when he was 10 or something. But there were definately brownies and cream cheese involved. Gonna have to try to make this for him. ;)

Maidy said...

Mmmmmm, swirly brownies.

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