Monday, June 05, 2006

Beware false prophets...

Whew, this month is busy as hell! A bitch is stressed…and full to bursting with bitchitude. So, when a certain Hammer sent my ass an e-mail announcing that The Queen of Rancidity Ann Coulter’s new book was titled Godless: The Church of Liberalism…well, it touched really did.

Think of my current state of bitchitude as a stew. My caldron overfloweth!

Beware false prophets…
Ann Coulter, in the time honored tradition of the morally bankrupt, seeks to draw attention away from her emaciated moral core by striking out at others. She is not the first neo-con to cast stones at liberalism. Others before her have followed the path of tired, worn out, fear mongering bullshit that lacks depth, originality, substance or clarity.

Mayhap this is a look into the soul of the author rather than her perspective on liberalism?


Ann puts forth the argument that liberalism is a faith, that liberals worship at a church and that the faith of liberalism is Gawdless. But the coin has two sides. Flip it and conservatism can also be seen as a faith, conservatives can be seen to worship at a church…but this bitch does not see them as Gawdless. All this talk of Gawdlessness is rather intellectually lazy.

The question is what Gawd they worship.

Let’s have some church, shall we?

From the Book of Matthew (7:15-20)
Beware false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Ann Coulter is a false prophet. The Bible gives great insight into the Ann Coulters of the world who wear the symbols and speak the language of tremendous faith yet demonstrate little to none of the behavior the Bible calls upon the faithful to participate in.

The Book of Matthew goes into detail about the false prophets and how they will appear...that they will cloak themselves in the apparel of the faithful to hide the beast beneath…they will bear rotten fruit despite their apparently healthy leaves…they should be known by those fruits and not their their actions and not their words.

And so we have Ann Coulter…and her fruit…neo-conservatism and the fruit of that movement. Ann utilizes the language of faith and the liberal should not shy away from speaking of her in that tongue. This bitch is not afraid to be judged by my my labor and the fruits of that labor.

Know me through my my ass knows you through your actions.

And so we should judge the neo-conservative by their fruits…by their dedication to service and who they serve…do they seek social responsibility or do they seek the blasphemy of greedy profit while others want…do they feed the hungry or do they stuff themselves like gluttons at a feast…do they embrace the ill or do they cast the ill out…are they humble before the Devine One or are they boastful…would they kneel and wash the feet of the poor or do their faces screw up in repulsion at the suffering of their fellow human beings?

In neo-con explorations, the liberal becomes the whipping post for having the audacity to acknowledge our weakness and our humanity…that we are capable of great good and great evil…that we have a responsibility to this place and those who live in it…that we must strive to be the participant citizen and not the dead beat unquestioning follower of a distant and apathetic state.

And as you judge so shall you be judged...worshipful of the Gawd of material things...deplorable in your lack of caring for your fellow human beings...pitiful because you are incapable of compassion and sympathy…repulsive in your greed…loathsome because you are so willfully blasphemous in your constant debasement of faith.

The neo-con is revealed to be totally…completely…utterly unfit to judge much less offer comment on anything other than the profit of confrontational speaking tours and the monetary gains from publishing unoriginal thought...proficient only in the art of delirious denial and demonstrating the desperate vanity of the terminally insecure.

And of Ann?

Ann is worthy of pity, forever the aspiring philosopher held prisoner to the limitations of her imagination and forever doomed to regurgitate previous theory. Oh the horror of her crushing the never ending cycle of seeking the extraordinary and forever achieving the predictable.

Get thee gone, Ann Coulter.

This bitch casts thee out, oh wretched stankified demon! Get thee back into the bowels of hell from whence you came!

Oh, if it were only so easy…


Anonymous said...

RBL here,

Amen, sister. Keep preaching that liberating Word...

"We are called to be the Church; to celebrate God's presence, to live with respect in Creation, to love and serve others, to seek justice and resist evil..." ("A New Creed")

We are _not_ alone. Amen, amen.

TwinsGoddess said...

I'm totally on board with the church of angry black bitchitude.

Anonymous said...

Let the church say, AMEN.
You really must take all of your blg entries bound them and put them into book form and sell them. You are so right on track and have a really way of explainging things cleary. Your analysis is on target and your thoughts profound.
I want to see a debate occur between you and Ann or any of the others preaching there drivel. They fail to really see that their policies, thoughts, laws, and ideas are the problem. They believe they are above reproach and somehow though they are causing much suffering god is on their side. Everything they say, is contradicted by their actions. They are far from Christlike or Christianlike as people can be. Watching them is like watching the clan talk about saving American for good white christians. May be this is the new form of the clan. We must cast them out!

So oragnize your block entries into a book. Pleeeeeeeze.Get the word onto the bookshelves

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter I bind you in the name of everything rightous-May you look back upon your sins, find favor with Lot's wife and turn into a pillar of salt-If that doesn't work may somebody drop a house on you

Weasel said...

I always figured old Annie was the Anti-Christ... Gods, I hope I'm wrong...

--Weasel, shuddering in fear

Anonymous said...

Amen, sistah, amen.

christine mtm said...

you can preach at my church anytime.

Hammer said...

ABB: Did you see here on TV today? Oh my God! When the revolution comes. . .oh, you know the rest!

Fucking fuck! Why is CHRISTIANITY being used as an ANTI-TERROR METHOD? fuck! fuck fuck!

Can't wait to get to Europe! 2 more days!


Anonymous said...

Tiger Lilly, she slept her way to the middle (she's certainly not at the top).
I have long been ranting and raving over the fact that these people who have wrested righteousness and the tenets of Christianity for their political gain have neither the understanding of those religious tenets nor or are they actually carrying those tenets out. Still, America proves its stupidity on a daily basis, surrending to the theory that, if you shout about it long and loudly enough, then people will believe what you say is true. Therefore, I continue to shout that these people are the true evil in our country and, hopefully, someone will believe it someday.
You go, ABB. I can always count on being inspired after coming to your blog.

M A F said...

"Ann Coulter...seeks to draw attention away from her emaciated moral core by striking out at others."

This is a wonderfully concise descripition of Coulter, Shark-fu.

Would you include Coulter as part of the Paris Hiltonification of society? Worshipping her does require "the embracing of ignorance" and the "uplifting of blissful disregard" for those that do not share in her divisive beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, the radical lefty he was, would love Ann Coulter. Hate the sin, love the sinner. And am I the only one who finds it ironic that the far right has embraced such a far left religious tradition? If fundamentalists were true fundamentalists in a going-back-to-the-text-and-following-the-words-in-red type way, they'd be progressives.


Arch City Expatriate said...

Ann Coulter is a serious nut. I saw her this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer. Pitiful. She even took a jab at Matt by asking at the end of the interview, something like, "Where's Katie?". Which to me was a clear jab at Matt because he was challenging ridiculous themes in her book.

It boggles my mind that I have some common ground with this nut on the immigration debate.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Maybe she will wind up sharing a jail cell with Rush after she is convicted of felony voter fraud. Oh, nevermind. I'm forgetting that Republicans never go to jail in Florida. They are just given plea bargains which include expunging their record and invited to dinner at the Governor's mansion.

Shark-Fu said...

Ann? Is that you?

Down, girl!

A bitch is laying cyber hand upon may take time for the demon to submit...

Get thee to the fires of hell, Satan-like beast!


Oh...almost forgot...go fuck yourself!

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