Monday, June 19, 2006

Back to the future...

This bitch is all excited about the deciding 7th game of the Stanley Cup tonight.


A bitch may not have closely followed the series, but who doesn’t love a deciding 7th game of anything? Add to that the fact that Edmonton looked elimination in the eye and declared that defeat could kiss their hockey playing asses by coming back to win not one but two 'must win' games and…oh my!

Excitement, thy name is Stanley Cup hockey!

Moving forward with thoughts of giant cup-like trophies dancing through my head…

Back to the future...
It seems that Scooter B. is going to be saying a lot of a certain word again.

That’s right, all things nuclear weapon related are back on the scene.

North Korea is taunting the world with the threat of a possible long range missile test. They’ve fueled the sucker and the launch window is nigh.

Iran continues to flex the bulging muscles of oil and nuclear aspirations.

Scooter B and his minions are cautioning both nations to chill…please chill…you’ve just gotta chill…what can we do to make chilling out more attractive…have some ice and cool off, please…mayhap a cherry lime-aid...whatever, just make like New Edition and Cool it Now!


Folks are talking recession, healthcare is a joke, a drug frenzy is ravaging communities and destroying families, education is in the toilet while the education secretary is seeking wisdom anywhere but here, tax cuts are benefiting the rich while the ranks of the working poor grow and we are in the midst of a cold and hot war all at once.

And our government is debating the ridiculous while avoiding the task of handling the people’s bitness.

Well, shit…this isn’t new. This is just the 1980’s all over again…overly Botoxed and under fluffed!

And it begs a wee makeover of that famous question from the 1980's…are you better off today than you were 6 years ago?

This bitch is taking bets that the next Hollywood re-make is Red Dawn.


Anonymous said...

I flew into your home town and thought it looked mighty pretty from the air. Nice and green (aaaaachoo!!)
Hope some day to have time to explore St. Louis.

Gina said...

Edmonton is the shyt and hockey is alive and well mongst blackk folks!

ChristopherM said...

ABB, he won't be saying the word. Rather, he will be mispronouncing the word. It is a testament to Condi's lack of spine that despite her purported intelligence, she doesn't lean over and whisper in his ear, "Fool, I've told you it is nuk-lee-ur. Say it wrong again and you can go back to sleeping with your wife."

Anonymous said...

Is that certain word that George Bush is going to be using a lot "nucular"?

Sue said...

Hey ABB!

Go Carolina!

And as you know it's Nukuler.

christine mtm said...

Jeezus! can't ban gay marriage (though we can't seem to have it either.) so we'll move onto flag burning.

what has become of us?

loved the new edition reference btw.

Weasel said...

Well, they say that these things come and go in cycles. I'm not surprised. This is like one giant 1980s flashback, only with a lot more fear and a lot less hope. (I was an 80s child; I always figured things would get better, not worse, when I "grew up". So much for that.)

Wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood remade Red Dawn; Dreamworks is doing a live action Transformers movie. (Remember them?) Just give the studio heads time. :)

--Weasel, who has Phil Collins music screaming through her head now.... don't ask why.

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