Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pondering bullshit...

A bitch was thrilled to read that a certain Bitch PhD is willing to have my babies! Behold the power of sisterhood (wink).

And thank you to all those parents out there working hard to raise non-heathens with strong minds and tons of bitchitude.

Jumping in without a pause...

Pondering bullshit…
A bitch has been thinking about parenting a lot lately. The lack of parenting within my mentee's life, the horrible parenting behavior demonstrated by some of the parents of the young women at the women’s shelters my ass volunteers at and the parenting nightmares that litter the news.

Clearly there are some great parents out there or the world would be complete shit. My favorite parent of the moment is my newest mentee (a bitch now has 3 from various sources)...the young woman my ass wrote about not long ago. She is so present in her parenting and it shows in her relationship with her child. She shared with me that she would love to unschool her child, but she is working two jobs and going to school full time…it may not be possible. Anyway, it was a joy to see that the bond was so strong between this mother and child.

Everyone should not be a parent. Society needs to embrace this fact, know it and start fucking acting on it. Anyone who volunteers within their community will be confronted by this fact and the limits we have to address it. Foster care is a wonderful thing when it is a wonderful thing…and a fucking nightmare when it isn’t. And a bitch is beyond exhausted with the lack of follow through from the anti-choicers on parenting…you know, that life that they could give a flying shit about once it pops out of the oven.

And a bitch wants to be clear. This bitch is a family planning obsessed bitch. Contrary to popular belief, we pro-choice advocates do not sit around a camp fire dreaming up ways to increase the numbers of abortions in America. We do strategize about protecting every American's ability to make medical decisions with their doctor. We are working to protect a woman’s right to choose…if to get pregnant, when to get pregnant, how to one gets pregnant and what to do once she is pregnant. Every fucking one of those points is on the table…don’t sleep on that and don’t hesitate…every motherfucking one of them is being challenged.

Having said that, a bitch is proud to work within the community to educate women on their bodies, their rights and their responsibilities. And a bitch is fascinated that so many anti-choice folks aren’t jumping to get involved in the harvesting of their labor.

Yeah...a bitch went there.

Fuck it. My ass visits a shelter each week that has a waiting list of 200+ women with chil'ren. The fields are bursting and it looks to me like most family-valuesque Missourians are comfortable watching the fruit of their labor rot.


This bitch has a confession to make…my ass volunteers at two St. Louis shelters and both of them are religiously affiliated. This bitch has distanced myself somewhat from one of the shelters because of their stance on family planning, but my ass does conduct voter education classes there. And the monthly debates with the good sisters are kind of fun…a bitch has to be honest (wink). The other shelter is more open regarding family planning classes as long as we stress abstinence while providing education on options for safer sexual activity. And a bitch is fine with that.

What this bitch isn’t fine with is the lack of the faithful's participation within these organizations. Where the fuck are they? Why aren’t multitudes of sanctified folks volunteering an hour a week to teach these mothers about parenting…to give them advice on how to handle the stress and worry…to share the joys of watching their children discover the world around them? When it comes to parenting a bitch is at a loss. My ass has never been a parent and sometimes a bitch feels hopeless in the face of some of the concerns brought to me.

My first year volunteering my ass asked the director about parenting classes.

“Do you have volunteers come in and teach parenting skills?”

“Oh, we try to, but we have a hard time finding babysitters to watch the chil’ren while the mothers are in class. Parents as Teachers comes in, but we'd love a one-to-one mentoring program. We are always looking for volunteers in that area.”

Surely mentoring a mother at a faith based shelter would be right up an Evangelical's alley!


But you can find them on righteous parade outside of Planned Parenthood! Oh, and they can spend hours at church praying for the immortal souls of the very people they lack the courage to meet face to face.

Observe, my brothers and sisters, bullshit on display.

Mayhap we should utilize this abundant resource to kick that oil habit?


J said...

Well said, yet again, ABB. Can't believe how many people can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Every child is wanted, until it's born. Every mother is expected to know how to do this stuff, all by herself, good luck with that. Lawsey.

christine mtm said...

well, you nailed it on the head. there are too few religious folk out there who know how to put their faith into practice unless they can condemn others.

and that scares and totally saddens me.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Maybe everybody should not be a parent but everybody has the Right to be a parent. How can you address that fact, or, is that the problem? Also, what about rich kids that kill their parents to get the money? You don't have to "volunteer for the poor" to see bad parents. A nice house can cover up a LOT!

Funny how our public schools have problems, but European public schools does just fine!

The republican myth of volunteerism is just that, a myth. Not enough people that have enough time. Relief work would never exist without paid relief workers.

Anonymous said...

Damn it if you don't just speak the truth every day. Coming here to read is like a breath of fresh air.


G Bitch said...

You are so right. This is why I come every day.

Not enough walk the walk. Not enough think about what they espouse. Too many base their actions on making sure other people aren't "getting away with ___" (sex, pleasure, non-religion, but usually sex).

Parenting--some of my freshpersons have children. One brought her (naturally) squirmy not-quite-2-year-old to class. When she slapped his hand for not sitting still, I wanted to chastise HER but instead I intervened--talked to him, walked him to the board (the students were busy with group work), let him make a mark and walked him back to her. I told her, "Sometimes a little distraction is all you need." I just hope I helped some. She hasn't been back.

Anonymous said...

You're missing the main point with these people. It's not the abortion-is-murder issue, it's the "sex outside of marriage is a sin, according to my religion" issue. The unexpected pregnancy aspect is just a by-product, as is the need for accurate sex education. See, in their world, married (heterosexual) people ALWAYS want the child the woman pregnant is with - I mean, that God has blessed them with. Always. And the couple only needs to learn about sex from their parents, the night before their wedding.

Joolya said...

You know who refused to offer my newly-single Catholic mom any sort of childcare or tuition assistance when I was a kid? Them fetus-loving Catholics.
God bless the Jewish Community Center.

Crystal-Lynn said...

They's all a bunch of pharisees. If they studied their own religion like the good sisters they'd be there doing the Lord's work in folk's lives.

On the sexin-so-you-deserve-it condemnation tip, they should look up the "judge not" passages, pray and leave folk alone regarding their choices.

C-Money, lay deaconess of bitchitude

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