Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Go forth and dawdle no more...

This bitch just adores certain words; knave, uppity and dawdling just to name a few. So, when my ass came across this shit…well, it gave me a moment of word-based glee.

It seems that some of our elected officials have had enough of dawdling on the part of Iraqi elected officials and have firmly requested that they cease and get about the business of forming their government.

And if anyone knows what dawdling looks like it's a member of Congress (wink).

Heaven to hell and back again, you’ve got to love that word usage! A bitch pictures a couple of constipated Senators wagging their gnarled fingers at the interim Prime Minister and frowning…hard.

Fantastically fantabulous!

Lawd, maybe they said something like this…

“Cease dawdling and form a government so we can get the fuck out of here before the midterm elections!”

Oh shit! Lawd, a bitch can’t fucking stand it!

Clearly it’s time to put the fear of…ummm…a harsh talkin' to into those newly elected Iraqi lawmakers.

Hell, if it works we should try that here in America.

“Congress, you need to cease dawdling…you fucking knaves! Get your uppity asses to work and deal with that Social Security solvency thang!”

Sigh. There are just so many domestic policy items a bitch could insert into that sentence.

Mayhap a bitch should run for office on an Anti-Dawdling ticket?


Waddie G. said...

I haven't heard of the word dawdling until now, but I would be so annoyed if I hear that word as much as I hear celebrities say the words "amazing" and any derivitive of the word "humble"

Paula D. said...

You are toooooo funny!

Anonymous said...

For those who want to stop dawdling and start ranting here is the contact info for the gov. of South Dakota. Go ahead and give him hell!
Mike Rounds
500 East Capital Ave
Pierre, SOuth Dakota 57501-2536

Anonymous said...

Bitch would get my vote eight days of the week for ANY elected office on an Anti-Dawdling and, of course (and most importantly), Anti-Bullshit! ticket.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

They sure do know dawdling!

A great front page story at Daily Kos, Your GOP Congress at Work ... Or Not, It Turns Out had some great excerpts from articles of ABC and Slate on our elected public dawdlers.

From ABC:
The average American has worked more than 50 days in 2006, but, so far, the House has worked in Washington just 19 days, a total of 118 hours. The Senate is not far behind with 33 days at the Capitol.

From Slate:
On a Wednesday afternoon earlier this month, top Republicans quietly disappeared from Capitol Hill. House votes were suspended for several hours. What was afoot? An urgent briefing on Iraq, the troubled economy, the coming avian flu pandemic?

Not exactly. The event that lured away the Republican throng, which included House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, was the Booz Allen Hamilton pro-am golf tournament held in suburban Maryland. Alas, politics waits for no tournament, and back on the Hill there was trouble. Short-handed Republicans on the House Committee on International Relations nearly lost a major vote on U.N. reform when two of their own defected to vote with the Democrats. According to Roll Call, Indiana Republican Dan Burton had ignored a specific warning not to miss the vote, which Republicans barely squeezed out, 24-23. A "freshly-sunburned Burton" returned to the Hill the next day to read that he might have sabotaged his chance to assume the committee's chairmanship next year.

CP said...

A Bitch would get the vote of a Princess fo' sho'!


YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Only in Amurrrka, can you get away with farting off 87 billion dollars and pass off "dawdling" as research.

Anonymous said...

ABB....I disagree.

Our politicians do not dawdle. They dillydally.

Special Anon

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