Thursday, March 09, 2006


A bitch has been chastised by several members of the United Church of Bitchitude and Later Day Drunks!

C-Money called my as politically correct…and Brother Rob told me to reference the Merriam-Webster dictionary, because 'heathen' has more than one definition. Then Canadian Rob left a comment regarding the ‘heathen’ topic too!

This bitch has failed to address one of our commandments…thou shall not trifle nor shall thou be trifled with!

Apparently, ‘heathen’ has dual more than one meaning (gasp). Some of us use the word to point out bad assed chil’ren who haven’t been raised…otherwise know as chil’ren without home training…and that word use in no way is stating that those bad assed un-raised chil’ren are bad asses because they need to ‘get right with Gawd’. What they need is some fucking parenting….

*muttering* "...sitting outside my house ‘til all hours of the might with the radio on loud as a motherfucker and screaming just to hear the sound of their voice then roaming back to their no-home training containing houses after leaving trash all over my motherfucking lawn ‘cause they ain’t been raised. "

Fuck it…where a bitch comes from that’s a heathen and religion doesn’t have shit to do with it. As a matter of fact, my Grandmère used ‘Gawdless heathen’ when specifically referring to someone she thought was a bad ass in need of some religion.

Hmmm…mayhap a bitch spoke too soon?

And what shall my penance be?

This bitch just adores correction (wink)!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that "heathen" is a pejorative term used by Christians to describe any non-Christian belief. It's also fairly antiquated. Therefore I always assumed your use of it was meant to be ironic. I mean, since it's pretty obvious you're not a Calvinist minister from the 1600's.

Sounds like the commentor is exercising the right of the member of a group to object to the use of pejoratives to that group by non-members? But it's not like you're calling those annoying teenagers Wiccans or Polytheists or something. I suppose if you wanted to make it totally clear that you're kidding, you could go all Shakespearean on their ass with this handy little list ("Bootless gudgeons!")

Of course, where I come from, "badass" is usually a compliment, so what do I know?

Anonymous said...

"Church of Bitchitude and Latter-Day Drunks"!!! Can I join, can I join??? I'm told I have more than my share of bitchitude, although I consider myself quite the novice at it. I am, however, Queen of the Long Island Iced Tea!!!

Oh, and I agree. Heathen children are those who behave as if they were raised in a barn. I can't wait for retirement so I can spend my afternoons screaming at them to stay the hell off my lawn!

Mel said...

Psh. I use that phrase myself, coming from a displaced southern family. I never heard that it meant you were downing the poor Wiccans before. Weirdsville.

Anonymous said...

Uh....pardon me ABB....but in your posted artwork....Why is that little cherub that is about to get a beating....smiling? I NEVER seen that before.

Special Anon

Anonymous said...


You are a true liberal: broad-minded and willing to listen to dissenting voices. I have to take back my emotional snit about your usage of the word heathen. I should have known you were not using it in the religiously perjorative sense. Okay, my world is right once again.

CP said...

It also means "uncivilized". Tell the mouth that slapped you to SHADDUP. *heh*

Just kidding. Said person apologized right above my post.

Takes a big person to admit that they might have been wrong. Takes a bigger person to make that big person see the light in the gentle way that you did.

Kudos to you BOTH...

Heathen CP.

bitchphd said...

At the risk of being an asshole (and I haven't seen the previous comments on the "heathen" thing)--do none of the people bitching about the term know any real-life black folks? B/c this white bitch is familiar with the term's use in black American English, and it's not especially a term of disparagement towards Wiccans or anyone else. It just kinda means "wild."

Now, having said that, obviously the linkage of "heathen" and "wild" is historically suspect. But that's a separate issue, no?

Anonymous said...

My mother always used hellion the way you use heathen. as in "tell those little hellions to get off my front lawn" I, myself, prefer bastard.

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