Thursday, March 02, 2006


C-Money has to travel to Chicago on bitness at the end of the month and this bitch is tagging along.

Yeah, baby!

The Bitch Squad's Chicago-based Adventure Preliminary Plans!
A bitch is in charge of finding out what, if any, theatrical happenings are going down. C-Money is all over checking out some museums, shopping, haunting a good jazz club or two and more shopping.

A bitch is broke, so my ass will be doing all of that except the shopping part (wink).

The Sisters of Bitchitude are embarking on a mini-trip!

Any suggestions, my Chicago based brothers and sisters of bitchitude and debauchery?


Hammer said...

ABB! Check out the No Exit Cafe! The usually have good things going down in Rogers Park. If you want Jazz/Blues look at Andy's Jazz Club ( Heard some great avant-garde stuff there a couple of months ago.

Maybe I'll have to visit my folks that weekend and we can have a STL reunion in Chicago (afterall, my avian flu grant is due April 1, so i should be ready to party by the end of March!)


Boltgirl said...

Do the architectural boat tour! Just toddle down to Navy Pier and go to one of the kiosks on the breakfront, then settle back for a hour's boatride soaking up the sun and the history . Did I mention the full bar on the boat?

Anonymous said...

avoid the archetectual tour, it will still be cold and you prolly dont want to freeze on water in windy down town.

You're better off avoiding downtown for dinner/lunch/eating. Get out into the neighborhoods for some better food and cheaper eats.

It really depends what you are in the mood for and which direction you're willing to travel from downtown.

Bohemian ArtWorx said...

You must go to the Big Bowl on Rush Street. Yummy Asian Fusion Cuisine and check out Garrett's Popcorn on Michigan Avenue. If you do not go to Garrett's you will never forgive yourself. Their carmel/cheese corn combo is worth the long wait in line. It is the best in the whole world!

S. M. Frances said...

For a comprehensive listing of Chicago theater offerings, check, the local alternative weekly. As a member of the theater community, I can say that while the Reader is often vicious towards the shows it deems unworthy, its reviews contain a grain of truth, however vituperative. Come to think of it, it's also a good place to check resturant reviews, which can be sorted by price, quality, and (I think) genre. The public transportation is pretty good, ( so don't be afraid to venture into the nieghborhoods. One piece of advice: Do. Not. Drive. Chicago parking laws are so arcane and arbitrarily enforced, even natives get tickets when they think they're legal. Garage parking is another word for highway robbery in this town. For low-cost fun and education, hit the Chicago Architecture Society in the basement of the Hancock Building. They have tours of various sites and nieghborhoods that ususally do not exceed $10 a pop. My favorite: Graceland Cemetary, where all the Lord-High-Muckety-Mucks of Chicago Victorian society onward are buried.

CP said...

This princess is a New Yawka and not real impressed with other big cities. BUT...I was VERY impressed with the gorgeous view of Chi-town from the Sears Tower!

It's a must see for a bitch.


christine mtm said...

chicago is a wonderful city. i've been there once and loved it and all i did was walk around their downtown area and see the "lake."

have a great time!

CRT Law Mama said...

Hey- stop in the D and pic your other sis up!

Have enough fun for me!

Waddie G. said...

come holla at me...I'm in the Chi, and I can give you a list of places to check out...holla at ya


Anonymous said...

Go to Millenium park! and then the Art Institite, which is across the street. That is a very nice area - it's surpsiingly open and calm for someplace in the middle of a city. I like the architecture in that particular section too.

Anonymous said...

I was browsing the best blog nominations of the Koufax Awards & I am.

I live in Chicago - so ...

- who ever said don't drive is right. The city WILL harass you to pay that parking ticket that you WILL receive. Parking garages can go for $20 for 12 hours.

- DON'T take the boat tour - you'll freeze

- if you want to go to the museaums for free find a resident with a library card and have them go to the library and get the free passes to the museums

-the Art Institute is technically a "suggested donation" for the general admission. go up to the ticket counter and say you want a general admission ticket for 5 cents - they won't even bat an eye (sorry, I am a grad student and have no shame).

- go to the Green Mill - used to be a speak easy and still has the same decor and great music. get there early or late otherwise you'll be standing in line and won't get a seat.

- shopping, if you want the name brands you can go to Michigan Ave but if you want boutique, trendy fare go to Bucktown/Wicker Park (take the EL - blue line north to o'hare and get off at the damen stop) this neighborhood will also have some good restaurants and coffee shops and night spots

- night spots (my favs, but they're generally popular places)

funky buddha lounge: lounge or dance, always good dj's

Sonotheque: acustically the best sound in town plus great design

Crobar: celebrity sightings but $$$

check out the chicago reader for theater and restaurants and night life

Anonymous said...

Holy Cats, you're coming to my town?! I must think of some delightful adventures for you. I do think you should put aside one evening to hold court in a restaurant/club and allow us to pay homage to you.

pseudostoops said...

Can I (terribly belatedly) second Todd's suggestion?

Anonymous said...

The jazz showcase on Grand ave
or the Velvet lounge on Indiana theres also the Green mill or Andy's these are all great jazz spots in chi town

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