Thursday, March 23, 2006

Going operational...

A bitch watched The Daily Show last night and was beyond pleased to see a certain Senator Russ Feingold featured via satellite!

Listening to Senator Feingold, a bitch was impressed with his humor and his reasoned position on his recent call to censure President Bush for the illegal domestic spying scheme. And my ass couldn’t help but recall the words of…well…George Will.

Yeah, a bitch said George Will.

See, this past Sunday George Will was participating in the round table discussion segment of This Week. Will said something like the following in reference to Republicans who are trying to resurrect the balanced budget amendment and the line item veto.

“These people, like the people they represent, are rhetorical conservatives and operational liberals.”

Now, a bitch took exception to the assumption that liberal=big spender (wink). However, George’s words stuck with me and came into clear focus during the Feingold Daily Show interview.

Senator Feingold has found little Democratic support for his call for censure. Many of the same Democrats that were going off on the illegality of the domestic spy program fell silent when confronted with a call for real action. This bitch thinks that a twist on George Will-ian theory may apply.

Many liberals, unlike the people they represent, are rhetorical patriots and operational cowards.

Yeah, a bitch is being optimistic...but my ass truly believes that part of the apathy among many citizens is fueled by the lack of backbone demonstrated by folks in office.

If we hope to persuade the undecided voters that Scooter B. is an unethical and unbalanced spend happy shit…if we intend to campaign on the platform that he has damaged American credibility internationally…if we hope to ring true when we shout loudly about his lack of focus, his lack of concern for the lives of average Americans, his complete willingness to support to hemorrhaging of American jobs abroad and his callous disregard for the constitution and the true American values it protects…well, we’re going to have to move that rhetoric into the operational column big time and fast as a motherfucker.

Thanks for the clarifying moment George Will!

And thanks for going operational, Senator Feingold.

Now where did we put our solidarity?


GayProf said...

Yeah I am happy that Feingold's set finally dropped, but I have a long and unforgiving memory. I still remember him being just fine with voting for Ashcroft at AG. Nope, I am still not over it.

Pandora said...

I hope he doesn't do a Howard Dean impersonation and self-destruct during the primaries.

Shark-Fu said...

Hah...took me a second to get that one (wink)

But I feel you, Gay Prof. and a bitch is a firm believer in never forgetting a damned thing...

christine mtm said...

i love the daily show!

btw, the first 3 letters of my word verification were "sos."


nostradumass said...

i don't know about the asscroft assertions, but i do know that feingold is one of the few consistently staunch anti-war, pro-civil liberties senators. i also know that nobody's perfect. his imperfection is obvious due to his continued affiliation with a spineless, wannabe-middle-of-the-road democratic party. in a two-party system, the middle should have a real choice between the right and left. but there shouldn't be a two-party system in this country at all; no two sides of a single aisle. there should be many aisles, and true representation of the diversity of thought in this country. because a pro-war, anti-choice democrat is as bad as a republican with the same attributes... i'm so sick of the lesser-of-two-evilism that's gotten us where we are today.


Anonymous said...


The censure had a snowballs chance in hell of ever happening even with each and every Democrat's vote.

It likely would have been another failure that makes us look weaker than we are. Or are we?

If we are going to make our last stand, if we are choosing the hill we wish to die on, let it be the tallest and most defendable. THE stupid WAR!


One subject makes solidarity much more practical.
Special Anon.

bold as love said...

You wrote,"Yeah, a bitch is being optimistic...but my ass truly believes that part of the apathy among many citizens is fueled by the lack of backbone demonstrated by folks in office."

Is it apathy among citizens- or could it be the Liberal agenda is no longer supported in the numbers that Liberals think?

Sooner or later some self-examination is in order. How many more elections does the Democratic party has to loose before it realizes that mainstream America just doesn't share the same views on how our country is ran. It's that simple, believe it or not.

alyceclover said...

Off topic. Happened upon your blog twice, this week. How I got to the Left Wing, do not know. Liked your post about abortion. (real person in the trenches vs those flinging words of false accusation, or something like that). Today I was trying to find a website or blog by Alice Walker; assume she does not have one. Good blog, have you ever considered running for public office?

Rob Thurman said...

One word.

Two words.
Tell. It.

Three Words.
No. She. Didn't.
(do contractions count?)

Four words.
Accurate. As. A. Motherfucker.

Thank you, Angry Black Bitch!

Mark said...

I am proud to say a dude did something. I wrote letters to Dick Durbin and Barak Obama and told them to stiffen up and stand behind Feingold. A dude needs backup and cover.

BarefootCajun said...

I'm already getting behind Feingold in 2008. Love him. Yes, he made that Ashcroft mistake but comparatively with the other Dems he has been the most consistent anit-war, anti-Patriot Act, pro-censure Congressman out there.

I have even publically begged Hillary to step aside to let Feingold run.

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