Thursday, March 30, 2006

Killer B.'s video blog post....

Okay, so most of you know that this bitch has some evil assed fibroids. Most of them were successfully murdered with full premeditation several years ago. Enid, as this bitch named my fibroid grouping, died...but her kin are still dedicated to the notion of avenging her death...evil assed motherfuckers.

Anyhoo, several folks have commented about their various issues and many on the drama of having out of control periods. A certain Killer B. was kind enough to do a video blog posting on menstruation suppression in response to some of those comments! This bitch is enough of a blog novice to be beyond impressed with video blogging...too cool for school!

Note - Killer B. is merely providing some information about a topic she has researched and an option she has personally tried, so don't start commenting about how a bitch is being irresponsible and folks need to sue my ass. A bitch is beyond broke, so go forth and sue someone else.

This is information and a bitch is all about, it adds spice to my conversations with my doctor.

ABB's doctor..."Where did you learn about that?"

ABB..."A video blog by Killer B.! You should blog...shit, you should video blog!"

ABB's doctor..."Lawd, have mercy."

Good times.

Anyhoo, take a look if you're interested and remember to discuss any change in your use of any medication with a trained medical professional...


Anonymous said...

You should get Umbrella Insurance to protect you from me. I'm going downtown to file a lawsuit right now!!!

Litigious Anon Neopthe

Qusan said...

The doctor at the link referenced above ( is my doctor. He has me on Seasonale because of my anemia due to fibroids.

Tiger Lilly said...

Hey,I am in the process of having my uterus checked out now. I finally found a doc who is taking me seriously, so I am beyond impressed. I also had my first irregular pap, so I am more than a little nervous right now. I should get some results in the next week and a half.

Bardiac said...

Good luck on those results, Tiger Lilly.

ABB, do you know about this blog?

It's got a lot of information on ways to control periods, different pill formulations, and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am normally a lurker here, but I had to comment on you naming your fibroid group Enid - I named my fibroid Janis!! And that bitch made me have to get a C-section when I had my baby since she would not let him turn around. But no one wants to take her out, so I guess I am stuck with her for now.

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