Monday, March 27, 2006

More Chicago fun...

This bitch and C-Money headed out last night to check out Buddy Guy's Legends joint. The place was hopping! We inhaled catfish and assorted sides...collards, of course, were sampled and approved.

Slowly the place began to fill with an assorted crowd of the masses. C-Money finished off her sweet tea and moved on to beer. Oh, the joy of blues based anticipation!

Bryan Lee was headlining and he owned the crowd. Nasty blues music was massaged out of a new guitar by an old master.


An appearance by Buddy Guy topped the night off and C-Money followed by this bitch stumbled home with ears pleasantly buzzing and the thrill anything but gone...


Anonymous said...

Totally a fan of the braille blues man now. And his band was very very tight. We're liking Chicago y'all.


Hammer said...

That's what I wanted to hear ABB. You gotta love the blues! Especially those Chicago Blues...mmmmmmhmmmmmmm!

Yay for you!


GayProf said...

Sigh. I wish I was in Chicago, as it is my favorite U.S. city (Montreal being my favorite city in North America).

Have fun, ABB!
I'll be looking for one of those ABB dolls on your return. It better have angry-fist-raising-action, though.


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