Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Job Creation...umm, Replacement Plan...

A bitch has to thank a certain Nostradumass for sending a bitch this link.

This bitch is, of course, fired up and pissed beyond measure by reading some of the mental proposals being worked up by state legislators…particularly when a bitch considers the FUCKING MOUNTAIN OF REAL WORK YOU DAWDLING ASSHOLES HAVE YET TO TACKLE!


But there was one proposal that a bitch found quite illuminating.

See, Missouri has a jobs problem. This bitch suspects that our freakishly conservative governmental interference into citizen's bedrooms, classrooms and…ummm…bodily functions may play a role. But fuck it; the end result is that Missouri is hemorrhaging jobs…which will eventually result in the hemorrhaging of people. Now, this bitch would love to see some of these motherfuckers go…go on…shoo…GO! However, substandard job growth almost always hurts the working people most and a bitch doesn’t support that.

But wait, look...over yonder hills!

Oh, thank Gawd…a conservative solution to our job crisis!

That’s right, chil’ren…the Barefoot & Pregnant strategy for job creation...ummm, replacement.

Missouri conservatives hope to change the mission of the Missouri Women’s Council to “assist and support women when making the transition from work to home” instead of working on job security and child care.

Even though that move would, in theory, encourage a certain neo-conservative social engineering without a clue Representative Cynthia Davis to step down from office and put that uterus back to work like the loyal social conservative broodmare she hopes to encourage all of us to be...well, this bitch just can’t get behind this shit.

However, my ass appreciates the detailed strategy being presented through passive aggressive legislative action. Nice try, but this bitch is gonna pass.

This seems so familiar…this call for women to return to their 'traditional roles', 'find a husband' and 'leave the work to the men'…so very familiar.

Anyhoo, this bitch looks forward to seeing Representative Davis put this plan into action personally (wink)...

This bitch plans to continue the Bitch Squad tradition and see if my ass can't support an Anti-Bullshit candidate as they transition her sorry assed embarassment to feminism self out of office.


Richard said...

Hey ABB - I've just started reading your blog and I'm loving it!
I don't know much about this law they're trying to pass there but at the risk of sounding like some Uber-Conservative Muh Fucka (which I most certainly am not), isn't it possible that having a parent in the home (while the children are in the formative years) might be a good idea?
Just my two cents...

Hammer said...


I'm feeling you on this post. I read that article and I think what you (and the article) are talking about is a result of the current neo-fascist government we are exposed to. We are experiencing a government consumed with power, money and greed wanting nothing more than to propagate money, power and greed for themselves (even if they must manipulate a majority of the people, enable CAFTA/AFTA/BahFTA or sell our ports like we are a business being liquidated). The state governments see the trickle-down of that power, but the people...unfortunately, have NONE.

I see it like this: the power exuded by our federal government is fucking with the minds of the state governments like a bad Pheremone. Bush and his cronies have set the example on how to steal and maintain power by playing the easily manipulated masses (i.e. the Religious Right). If you make everything an issue of "morality" (of which this adminstration knows nothing, and I mean NOTHING, about), you get to STEAL the power to the "Moral" majority through manipulation.

The fact is, our government shouldn't be legislating morality. Unfortunately, if they want to maintain power, they have to play to the religious right.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I just think this administration is too busy stealing, maintaining and propagating power for themselves to deal with the issues affecting the working poor/working classes.


Amsterdam in 78 days!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to think what this country could be and do if - instead of forcing women to choose between working or staying at home - it would support women to do both if they chose. I'm extremely lucky with my job, and I know other working women really struggle with this. Is it too much to ask to for all women have flexible schedules and job security? Thank you, ABB, for bringing attention to this. I sing your praises!

CRT Law Mama said...

Damn sis, just read the article, didn't realize Missouri was so backwards.. no wonder you are so a-n-g-r-y! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure most women see this innitiative for what it is total and complete bull! Now if they were saying men should leave their jobs as well then that would be something. These folks continue to astound in ways that are inconceivable! Thier hairbrained plans are laughable at best.

Michael M. said...

Cynthia Davis is a special piece of work, even for a state legislator.

Anonymous said...

"assist and support women when making the transition from work to home? It makes it sound like we need some kind of halfway house, as though we're going from prison to re-entering society. Try spending any amount of time with only children for company, and going to work feels like re-entering society.

Anonymous said...

Now.. now.. I at least fully support they cannot do a procedure if it morally offends them. The patient is part of the procedure. "I am sorry Mr or Ms Senator or Congressman. I cannot do this procedure because you are part of it and your morally offend me since you cut my funding. Please try not to make a mess as you bleed out. Thank you for letting me have this decision. So Nurse who is up next?"

That one has potential.

I, also, have no problem with the Religion in the schools so long as they let us teach the German Critical Method [do google it along with Religious Studies] which I am trained in. That should be interesting. My favorite instructor went by the nicname Beelzebub.

As to Rep. Davis.. don't look at me.. Let her make some other man happy with those homemade meals and wonderful cakes she will bake.

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