Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Sunday anticipation...!

This bitch is eagerly anticipating the Super Bowl this weekend! No, not the game (sorry, but a bitch just has to be honest).

The commercials, chil’ren!

It’s time for the annual Bitch Squad ritual of fast-forwarding through the game to the ads…oh and any random acts of nudity that may sprout forth…bless them (wink).

ABB’s Super Bowl Advertising Viewage ritual…
Note…a bitch begins recording at the pre-game show just in case some advertisers snuck in there. My ass usually watches a movie until the game has been on for 30 minutes. By then, you can begin to screen and critique the ads and never actually have to watch the game! Since there is now the possibility of scandal-based drama at the Halftime Show, a bitch shall watch The Stones get their ancient groove on…then it’s back to commercial viewage!

Multiple salty crunchables for C-Money
A queso-like dip
Ranch dressing for wings

Winter lager for C-Money
Grape cran
Water…for balance
Soda-esque beverages for C-Money’s balance

Flannel and raggedy assed comfortable shit that dates back to college
Snuggly slippers
Blanket for passing out under

Lawd, a bitch can’t wait.

And may the best advertiser win!


Maven said...


I might end up going to Trader Joe's for their low carb (gasp) tortilla chips and do up a plate of nachos for myself:) Just 'cuz!

PS: Not to burst the Bitch Bubble... but... I hear that the commercials aren't going to be as sensational this year, real "family friendly fare."

Let's wait and see!

Maidy said...

I'm actually gonna watch the Bowl for the game.

Mmmmmm, Winter Lager. Mmmmmm, wings. But I haf to have blue cheese.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh excellent ... particularly the footie pj's ... i shall be watching the Bowl live, which in my part of the world means about 9am monday ...

on another note, ABB, can you please explain a vodka cran to this Aussie ... is it a pre-made thang, or do you put it together yourself ... it sounds divine to me and i want to have a taste

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's a sad-ass day when the Stones seem like a safer bet than Janet Jackson.

Cathie said...

the commercials have been disappointing so far.

go steelers!

CrankyProf said...

I liked the Citibank/MacGyver commercial...although Richard Dean Anderson looked more like Jack O'Neill with his short hair...I miss the MacGyver Mullet.

I'll go hang my head in shame now.

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