Monday, February 20, 2006

Some thoughts...

This bitch had a fantastically lazy weekend, which my ass needed in a big way.

AngryBlackBitch Festitude Update…
Lawd, a bitch’s birthday is this Wednesday! Okay, a bitch has planned this shit as much as my ass plans to plan it. Friday night a bitch shall indulge in a feast of smothered yumminess at Sweetie Pie’s. This bitch is thinking 7ish.

Festivities shall then move to AMP on Manchester. Vodka crans will be consumed and then things will simply evolve. A bitch hates to over structure my debauchery (wink), so my ass will simply say that we’ll be at AMP for some time or until they throw us out.

Educating voters…
A bitch has been planning my 2006 Voter Education curriculum. As some of you know, this bitch conducts voter education classes at several area women’s shelters. Each year, a bitch goes through all things government and voting related. There is nothing more powerful than an educated voter. My classes kick off with the United States Citizenship Test, which is kind of fun to take if you are already a citizen. Give it a whirl! It’s amazing how many of us blessed with citizenship at birth couldn’t pass this thing…sad and amazing. Anyhoo, this bitch is excited to get down to business and register these young women to vote!

Some thoughts on control and anger...
Since a bitch is an angry bitch, my ass gets a lot of anger-related feedback. Many people are rather angry that other people get angry! Lawd, y’all should have seen how many angry motherfuckers materialized after my King Kong post.

Anger scares some people because it is associated with a loss of control. A bitch sees anger as another expression of passion…and this bitch has nothing but pity for people who fear passion. Anti-anger advocates concern me…they seek to remove passion because it fuels action and Gawd forbid the masses get off their fucking asses and act on some shit. These anti-anger advocates would rather see the masses peacefully eat their Soylent Green, never questioning the ingredients.

A bitch once met a man who said he never got angry. He and his wife nodded…calmly…and he went on to say that he didn’t 'care for' anger. This bitch couldn’t help but mourn the fact that this fellow has never enjoyed some of the side benefits to relationship anger...a good angry bout of sex or even make up sex after a massively angry fight. And what of his blood pressure? All that pent up rage...because everyone gets angry or takes meds to inhibit getting angry...isn't healthy.

My ass wanted to take him aside and tell him that he was missing out on all those passionate juices getting stirred up. Jesus, he probably never lost control…never threw anything or tore something up…never threw caution to the wind…never gave a shit enough to loose control. And looking at him, a bitch saw the absence of passion….neither dark nor light…never reaching the agony or the ecstasy of full emotional expression.

For about an hour a bitch was truly concerned for this couple. Then my ass said fuck it...they’ve made their bed and chosen to lay in it very calmly and with extreme civility.

This bitch favors the control of loosing control. A bitch adores the explosion and doesn’t mind cleaning up the mess.

And this bitch rejects the notion that passion and anger are inappropriate. That school of thought harkens back to the days when 'good girls' didn’t raise their voices, break a sweat or have an orgasm. Generations have suffered and struggled so that we can shout, scream and let some energy out.

So, scream...


Go on, now...

Let some energy out!


Limecrete said...

Ooh, I've never been to Sweetie Pie's. I'm excited. Is that where the whole Ann Coulter presentation thingy is going down?

Shark-Fu said...

No, a bitch has to 'secure' that...which translates into me begging AMP because my ass hasn't pulled my shit together.


Oh, and Sweetie Pie's is yummy! Can't wait to see you...I'll confirm the time Thursday!

Crystal-Lynn said...

Sweetie Pie's closes at 8 (I'm pretty sure). Just factor that in. I love the reference to Soylent Green! "Tuesday is Soylent Green Day!!!!"


Shark-Fu said...

Shit! 8pm? What the fuck?

Hmmm...okay, a bitch will try to find something to fill in the time between 8pm and debauchery.

Lawd save me!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of, is there actually going to be a rehearsal? You know C-Money loves my rehearsals. :)

CrankyProf said...

Oh, a Bitch gets to engage in passionate debauchery for her birthday! I plan to keep an eye on the news, to see if St. Louis goes upin the flames of Bitchitude!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts on anger. Can't have an Angry Black Bitch without some Angry, can you?

I've been thinking about anger a lot, too, and the other side of it. I know way too many people who hold on to their anger after the reason for being angry has either passed or has proved to something that just has to be accepted (cf. the Serenity Prayer). I think this is just as bad as not getting angry when you should get angry.

I guess all I'm saying is that, when it comes to emotions of any kind, it's good to lose control if you're sure you can regain it, and if you're sure no one's gonna be unnecessarily hurt by the whirlwind.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Amen! to your very wise words about anger. Anger in itself is neither inappropriate nor avoidable. People who say they don't get angry are either lying or seriously repressing some shit. In the latter case, they become highly functioning receptacles for the development of ulcers.

The trick is to direct one's anger into productive channels: like hitting a punching bag or unleashing some smart and righteous bitchitude on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Your anger is tied to your hatred. Now, one question: At your 'voter education classes' do you teach the attendees to be potty mouths like yourself? Is that part of the curriculum? (Potty mouth 101).

Today's potty score: 13
ass 7
shit 3
fuck 2
motherfuckers 1

Ms. M said...

I think you've cornered the market on angry expression on the internet. Thank God for it huh?

Anonymous, fucking fuck your shitty ass fucking self.

Ms. M's Potty score: 5
ass 1
shit 1
fuck 3
motherfuckers 0...damn!
damn 1

Ancrene Wiseass said...

I'm wondering why our friend Anonymous doesn't understand that:

1) His/her own anger is pretty clearly tied to some form of hatred

2) This is not the "unleashing of smart and righteous bitchitude on the Internet" to which I was referring as a good outlet for anger, but sad, humorless, and not-terribly-useful trolling which will get all of us exactly nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Very insightful take on anger, ABB. Have a wonderful birthday.

That anonymous potty scorer needs to flush itself!

Shark-Fu said...

This bitch beleives that the opposite of love is indifference...the absence of emotion and the state of not really giving a shit.

And so...Anonymous Potty Mouth Counting Knave, a bitch is indifferent to you. But my ass suspects you would prefer some anger, much like an abuse child craves the slap over being ignored.

Shoo fly...there's an Evangelical blog missing the hell out of it's one hit a day.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love reading your blog!


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