Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In heaven the streets are paved with Smarties!

My blog brother in Montreal, Jeremy of the Canadian Jeremys, has sent forth a fantastical selection of Smartie-based joy!

Lawd, the sheer selection is amazing!

There are Smarties in a heart shaped box, the traditional box of Smartie goodness, Smartie mini-eggs and…a giant chocolate heart filled with Smartie-based fantabulous goodness!



Give me a minute…

YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes YEEEESSS!

Jeremy, if a bitch weren’t already play married to a funk loving gay white man who makes fantasmic collard greens…and you weren’t already married for real because y’all can do that in Canada…this bitch would totally make you my Play Husband (wink)!

Hmmm...but you could be my Montreal-based Play Cousin.

Oh the joy!

Thank you Jeremy! For this, a bitch shall forgive all of Canada for kicking Sweden’s ass in Women’s Ice Hockey (8-1) in Torino. Ouch!

Toodles and adoration!


Anonymous said...

I thought I heard you "scream" with orgasmic delight on my way to class this afternoon. I had alot of fun putting that box together. Nothing says "I love you like a box full of Holiday Smarties..."

I'm sure that as they come available you will continue to recieve smarty boxes in the future. Just remember when you get up here we will take you smartie shopping.

I am glad you are enjoying them.

Your Canadian Connection

Anonymous said...

How does one go about finding oneself a hot, Canadian guy to send one Smarties? This the THE important question of your times.

bev said...

I tried Smarties!! Well, my daughter gave me ONE, the generous soul. My youngest boy wouldn't allow me to have any of his at all and oldest doesn't like chocolate.

Anywho. Good stuff.

My kids' school has what they call "Passport Night" where the parents set up booths representing different countries. I believe it was Australia what had the Smarties.

What's up with this? Are we the only english-speaking country that has to do without?

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