Thursday, February 23, 2006

Friday Night Bitchfest!


Sweetie Pie's at 6:30pm for smothered Mississippi goodness. Note to vegetarians: y'all might want to skip this one since almost everything is cooked with some manner of meat. Feel free to join us (love ya!!), but a bitch doesn't want anyone to get ill or violate some sort of serious thang.

Post Sweetie Pie's all parties will converge on AMP (they've been warned) for vodka crans and debauchery. Try to house shots...yum!

All About Ann is slightly up in the air, but a reading may take place...who the hell knows! A bitch knows that my ass isn't cut out for theatre...LAWD!

Anyhoo...see you!


Anonymous said...

O, to be in St Louis on Friday nt. Smothered yumminess. I am drooling with envy-have a WONDERFUL birthday celebration!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Meg, just to be in St. Louis period right now would do me in. Getting away from this New England cold ass winter would be awesome yo!!!!!!!!!

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