Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shit storms on top of shit storms...

This bitch had a wonderfully indulgent birthday! Cupcakes, yummy potent berry-like shots and vodka crans were all consumed in vast quantities.

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Dubai or not Dubai?
This bitch has witnessed with some amusement the mass revolt against a certain President Scooter B. by the party faithful and Democrats in protest of the pending handover of 6 United States ports to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates.

This situation brought to light the fact that ports are foreign owned/operated in the first place. It also threw into the spotlight the negative side of this administrations pitch to not trust anything Middle Eastern.

Members of the United States government from both sides of the aisle are calling for a hold on this pending deal. They have expressed concerns that the United Arab Emirates has connections to Al Qaeda…two of the September 11 highjackers were from the UAE. And there is the ever present concern that most items shipped through United States ports go unscreened…which is troublesome no matter which country owns the port.

Scooter B. is once again surprised that he no longer holds the trust of the masses. He has threatened a veto of any legislation presented to halt the deal and even went so far as to accuse opponents of the deal of being racist against the UAE. Basically, Scooter B. feels that the UAE is an ally and that we should “reward” our allies for “playing by the rules”.

Further complicating the situation is the fact that our friends in London, who apparently owned the port, are selling it and really don’t want to hear us fuss about them selling something to whomever they want to.

And so chaos reigns again in Washington D.C.!

Senator Joe Biden…Joey B. to this bitch…made the case against the deal on CNN this morning.

“Columbia is our ally in the War on Drugs and I don’t see us putting them in charge of immigration or border control”…or something like that came out of Joey B. on CNN.


To which the President’s minions are replying…this deal has been “scrubbed” and is not putting America at risk, y’all need to trust us and shut the fuck up.


And there in is the motherfucking problem. Scooter B. is facing two storms of his own creation.

Storm #1 – The Loosing of Hearts and Minds Domestically
Scooter B. is a fuck up. Amazingly, the American people can withstand multiple examples of fuckeduptitude before they feel compelled to call anyone on it. Thus, Scooter B. has been living with a false sense of security…believing that his 'say it and it will be' tactics would hold until he could flee Washington for Texas and put this whole nasty leadership experience behind him.

But the people are now doubtful…and Congress is in revolt. Democrats are seizing on this public relations debacle to get some footing in the domestic security game. Republicans, having recently checked out Scooter B.’s ass in search of coattails are now horrified at the notion of midterm elections on his fubar record.

This bitch thinks that this incident exposes the weakness in Rovian diplomacy. Rove is the great brand generator, but has failed in actual policy development. Karl, as the man behind Scooter B.'s 'say it and it will be' technique, may have actually believed that shit. Now they are all faced with a rather bitter harvest…and attacks on an international deal tied to our nation’s integrity and honesty at the negotiating table.

Way to fucking go!

Storm #2 – You ordered it and now you’ve got to eat it
The public relations machine behind Scooter B.’s power brilliantly seized upon his perceived strength in the national security arena and rode that horse all the way back to the White House. The strategy was simple. America has enemies, only Scooter B. and his minions appreciate just how much those enemies hate us, we live in a post-September 11th world, be very afraid, Osama is still out there planning tons of shit and then be very afraid some more.

It worked…perhaps a wee bit too well.

The American people are now conditioned to distrust all things Middle Eastern. So, when the same President who told them a region was our enemy then turns around and says 'my bad, what I meant to say was some folks in the region' it looks like, smells like and is bullshit. The people don’t want to hear that the United Arab Emirates are our ally. The people don’t want to hear that we should trust them. Because the people have not seen a tangible victory in the Middle East.

See, Scooter B. and the minions of D.C. created a monster in the image of the Soviet Union, Germany and Japan. Their spin lumped the entire Middle East into one big pile of danger, our war as the war to end all wars, Iraq and the only hope for regional stability and victory as a defined thing. In that screenplay, the American people are anticipating a huge battle against this single regional enemy which will result in a triumphant American victory…a formal surrender and some sort of treaty signing…a decade of stereotypical bigotry and distrust…and the slow rebuilding of a relationship in which said single regional enemy understands who Daddy is.

Now, a bitch would like to be optimistic about this shit. Really, my ass would! But this administration doesn’t have a good track record with handling huge ‘you should have anticipated this shit and were warned it would happen but now you wanna act surprised then fuck up the management, clean up and all things related’ storms…much less two right on top of each other.

Do they, chil’ren?


Admin said...


Hammer said...

The scary thing ABB is that these countries are the richest. The richest countries in the world. Of course their wealth is kept within the walls of their expensive palaces.

My only question is: Why is this Adminsitration so eager to sell the income that this country creates?

Whether it's the port issue, the Free Trade agreement with Bahrain, US oil, etc...Why is the government so willing to sell out its people for cash?

Maybe it's the national debt we owe to China. Maybe it's the fact that our government wants to increase the division among the social classes?

I don't know, but it is complete madness!

In peaceful struggle,


Lisa said...

Amen, Hammer!
I couldn't agree more about widening the gap between the haves and have nots. I commented on another blog that I really thought it was intentional--guised in "policy."

All one has to do is look at education and NCLB to realize it starts early on . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer of trying to understand the other point of view... but all my sociology courses (I get my B.A. in May) cannot help me comprehend what kind of person can allow his people to starve, live on the streets, and die in a needless war just to fill his pockets, and the pockets of his friends.

If I had that kind of blood on my hands I would have killed myself years ago.

FUBAR is absolutely right.

Maven said...

We are being so manipulated by the media... so much is kept in the dark about it... will post about it myself... eventually.

But one nugget I will leave herein is... guarding our ports is the LAST LINE of defense for American soil. Arab or not... they are a foreign company, and I'm just not at ease about that.

Homer said...

Let's outsource airport security to the Saudis! They are our friends, I mean Bush likes to hold hands with them and all. Finally people can see that Bush is really more interested in his rich buddies than the safety concerns of average Americans.

Virginia Pickel said...

ABB - I totally agree with what you're saying. I actually posted something similar, although not as eloquently.

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