Monday, August 21, 2006

Snakes in an IHP meeting...

This bitch’s allergies are still fucked up!

And people wonder why I prefer winter.

Anyhoo, Snakes on a Plane was all that my ass hoped it would be. Anyone who is anticipating anything more than a snake-based fangtastic movie needs to stay home.

This bitch couldn’t shake the snakes on and in everything theme. And that led me to ponder snakes in the newsroom and snakes at the press conference.

Snakes could solve a lot of problems, chil’ren!

Just think about it...snakes in the Senate confirmation room...or snakes at the Congressional budget meeting.

The potential is unlimited!

Or mayhap I need to lay off the Dayquil.


This bitch survived the meeting regarding my autistic brother’s care by mentally picturing snakes in an individual habilitation plan meeting.


I gave up smoking, but a bitch will not give up being crazy as hell!

The meeting went down before I saw the movie, but imagining thousands of snakes taking over the room still worked to improve my mood.

Suffice it to say that the meeting went down as predicted. They started late…despite my bitchified warning not to trifle. The plan was a revision of last year’s unachieved shit. And most of the meeting was spent learning new vocabulary words for the same old shit because a certain group of people feel the need to verbally validate their Masters degree on my fucking time.

If this bitch knew all that shit my ass wouldn’t require an MSW in the motherfucking room, now would I?

Lawd, give me strength.

The new people…and there are always new people…had to be brought up to speed. The old staff had to indulge in several overly defensive responses to clarifying questions…because Lawd knows we all give a shit about their feelings while up in a meeting about my brother.

As usual the bulk of this meeting could have been achieved via memo.

There was, however, one island of hope within the sea of social services drama.

C-Money and this bitch learned that we can sit in on the committee meeting prior to the final vote on Bill’s funding request.


Finding out that we can personally express what impact a lack of approval for new services…again…for my brother will have was great news.

Oh, they may still vote to feed the machine rather than fund the plan, but we’ll at least be able to give voice to our brother’s needs and how vital being active in the community is to him.

The system is fucked up in some spots, inefficient in other spots and fully capable of driving your ass crazy. This bitch has learned to look at these yearly plan meetings as reminders of why my brother needs guardians in the first place.

So a bitch is going to put the snakes in an individual habilitation plan meeting option on hold for now (wink)…


Anonymous said...

"you're telling me theses snakes are on crack?"

ChristopherM said...

I'm just glad you refrained from yelling out, "I'm sick of these motherfucking snakes in this motherfucking IHP meeting!"

Anonymous said...

I've been harboring a blog-crush on you since your "I Will Surivive" post... now it's full-blown infatuation.

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