Friday, August 18, 2006

Allergyfuckticoughus Robustus strikes again…

A bitch’s allergies are on crack.

Sneezing…coughing…eyes all watery and itchy too.

Where’s a sleeve of original formula Sudafed when you need one?


This bitch will be in let’s review the plan that we don’t have the funding to properly implement but which would enrich your autistic brother’s life in all the right ways if we only had the money meetings this afternoon.

And this bitch is already weary.


Oh well, such is life.

At least I've got Snakes on a Plane to look forward to later...and movie pop corn...with lots of faux butter.

Toodles until tomorrow...


Joe said...

I feel a lesser degree of your pain: I tried weaning myself off Claritin for a little while, then realized that was a stupid motherfucking thing to do! So I'm back on those teeny pills. With all the other meds I have to pop, what's the diff...?

Hope you get some relief!

Anonymous said...

MUTHAF*CKIN' Snakes on a Plane! Just got back from seeing it. Great fun, even if I am snake-a-phobic. Love that Samuel L. Jackson.

christine mtm said...

well, i'm gearing up for a fight with the school about my son (4yr old just diagnoised with autism)about the fact that they don't have an autistic program and will have to send him somewhere that does.

that should be fun.

i can't wait to hear your review of snakes!

Kit B. said...

Get better, and back to 100 perfuckingcent bitchy, you hot goddess of a woman!

Kitty's been down too...but watching LOTS of good movies on tv.

Monday night is Spike Lee's Katrina documentary on HBO...can't wait for that one.

Take care of yo'sef.

Travis Reems said...

I've grown allergies over the last 4 years, for which Claritin-D works wonders.

As for Samuel L. Jackson, watch what you say about him. He admitted in an interview to reading blogs, posting anonymously, and debating other bloggers about his career and accomplishments.

CP said...

Snakes on a Plane.

Better than Roaches in your Car, I suppose.

Love me some SLJ!


Feel better, Miss Thang.

Palooka's Revenge said...

Personally I love it when a bitch bitches. And, admit it or not, everybody's got one.

AND... truth be known, d'bitch be more real den d'one dey show when dey present demselves as de language police.

Thats why we need the term "two-faced".


Cuz "expressing some emotion" scares de shit otta 'em!

So, don't deny d'bitch. Bitch on bitch.

Anonymous said...

Flonase, baby!! It's transformed my life!!

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