Monday, August 14, 2006


A certain Katie has found a local source for Smarties in St. Louis.

Actually, Katie's husband located a local source for Smarties.


It seems that Smarties can not be found at Nestle/Purina...dawg food, but no Smarties.

However, they are carried at Global Foods Market in Kirkwood...which is where this bitch will be heading as soon as the passenger side mirror on Ms. Sister Girl Cabrio is repaired.

Thank you Katie and Katie's husband!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! You'll have a spoil of Smarties in no time!

Gus said...

I'm downright afraid to find a source of Smarties. I have enough addictions already... especially of the chocolate variety.

As for CNN.... good lord, it surely has gone the way of infotainment or outright propaganda. About the only REAL newssource I find these days on TV is Free Speech TV. Don't know if it's available everywhere, but I get it from Dish Network.

Vera said...

Smarties rule.

There's a good supply where I live, but I don't buy them becuase I have little self control, and I'll eat a whole bag.

CNN sucks. Who are those anchors?

Jeff said...

Time for a lunchtime excursion, sweetie.

Huntington said...

Why does the name Katie strike a chord...? OH! Hey! We're halfway through the last Couric-less month of the CBS Evening News! Bob Schieffer's last bittersweet glory days. Moment of silence. (I know, nothing to do with Smarties. Oh, well.)

CP said...

Hooray for Katie, Katie's husband and Smarties.

Now, if we can only find baby Suri.


Nancy said...

There is (and never was) a Suri.

If one eventually appears, what a scam. We've all been had.