Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday follow-up...


A bitch has been beyond busy...taxed to the ragged, for real.

It is the weekend before Tuesday's August 8th Missouri Primary...a bitch is a serious volunteer...and my hand hurts from door knocking.

Shit, I'm loosing my voice from all the phone banking!

Anyhoo, several of y'all asked about a bitch's new ice shaver machine. I purchased it at Target (the one off Hampton in South City for the locals) and it was under $30 (a requirement for this broke bitch to indulge). It is a Hamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver and it comes with two plastic bowl-like things to freeze ice.

Fill the plastic bowl-like things with vodka cran. The exact amount will depend on your taste...2 parts vodka and 1 part cran...1 part vodka and 2 parts cran...grape cran...cran apple...whatever.

Freeze them until frozen (wink).

Once frozen, shave that shit into a glass and enjoy! I like to add a slash of chilled Sprite or 7-Up to spice things up.


And finally...

A bitch's Play Husband has been traveling and his wandering took him to Canada...where he snapped this picture of a Smartie based promotion!


Mayhap a member of a bitch's blog-based Canadian family could forward details on this promotion?

Does it involve Smarties for life? Or do you eat lots of Smarties and register to win a Smart Car?

Smarties for life.

Oh...oh shit....can you imagine!?!


Anonymous said...

I saw a "Smart car" sitting outside the HMV the other day and the car was decorated in Smartie goodness.

I am hoping to get a picture of that car in the coming days. I did not have my camera that afternoon.

Smarty central

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Okay, a serious question about your new Hamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver. If you go with the "2 parts vodka and 1 part cran" can you really get it to freeze up enough to get it to work to shave into a frozen drink?

NOTE: My own partiality to frozen delight of sublime (pun intended) alcohol goodliness used to involve lime-aide concentrate, 7-up, gin and ice put through a blender -- a goal that would be much easier using an ice shaver if it could freeze up enough to work with a high alcoholic base.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

(I should have added this to previous comment)

If the alcohol base prevents freezing, I bet the ice shaver would work great for frozen a frozen coffee drink if you need a delicious caffeine fix:

20 oz. strong brewed coffee
1/3 cup raw "turbinado" sugar (can substitue brown sugar)
4 oz. milk (I use non-fat milk, but anything from cream to soy milk can be used)
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract (the real stuff only)
1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon

Right now I make this by disolving the sugar with hot coffee in a quart measuring cup, adding the reamining ingredients, cooling the mixture to room temp, pouring into ice cube trays and then take the frozen coffee ice cubes and put them through a food processor with a little added milk (about 2 tbs) until it a smooth frozen drink consistancy.

Hammer said...


You knowhad smarties in Belgium. They came in a little smarties -shaped container that you twisted to open and they were tiny. DELICIOUS!

Your play husband needs to get a blog. I haven't heard from him in forever!


Shark-Fu said...

LOL! If Target sold Play Spouses Wal Mart would go out of bitness!

Disgusted...good point! A bitch was able to freeze the mix with 1 part vodka, but 2 parts might not make it over that hurdle.


How about this? How about frezing 1 part vodka and 2 parts juice and then adding a dash of vodka later?

Shit. I'm gonna have to experiment tonight...

Anonymous said...

The best frozen drink I ever had was at a chili cook-off. The event was supporting local charities, and one participant owned a 7/11 franchise store. He brought a Slurpee machine and filled it with margaritas. Oh my, talk about frozen yumminess! Outdoors on a hot day with refreshing icy goodness. He swore us all to silence since evidently it is a violation of 7/11 franchise to use the Slurpee machines for alcoholic beverages. It's been a few years, I think the statute of limitations has run out (wink)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no smarties for life, just a chance to win a car that trips over smarties (Not talkin' trippin' here - I'm talking tripping - as in "Opps").

Each Smarties box comes complete with a PIN number inside it which gives you an instant chance to win online.

Sorry again but this contest is only open to Canadian residents over the age of majority who do not work for, or has family who works for, either Nestle Canada or Mercedes-Benz Canada, or to those who eat smarties while chewing on vodka/cranberry ice cubes. (This last part sounds discriminatory, but only to those who don’t live in the frozen north where polar bears roam around the icebergs in our back yards)

Kit B. said...

Hey Bitch!

I've got a box of Smarties right hurr wif your name on it! Don't know if I can supply them for life, but I'd certainly do mah best...

I have a great idea for a contest. Whoever can supply Kitty and Bitch with the most premium vodka can be our favorite person that day...and get the reward of well-earned short-term respect. Whaddya think?

Shark-Fu said...

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

thank you for phonebankin' and door knockin' and gettin' out the VOTE in MO!

Joe said...


I saw you at that target on thursday! Some dude there was talking my ear off and i couldn't get away to catch you and say hello, though.

Where were you Saturday night? We missed you at AMP.

Anonymous said...

Yo, The smarties contest is that on some smarties boxes, you have a smart car. . . You open it up and there's a contest password.

You enter the password and enter the contest. . ..

Check it out here:

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