Monday, August 07, 2006

A vote-based bitchfirmation…

A bitch is tired. If the Primaries are any indication, this election year is going to be brutal!


Well, there’s nothing to do…nope, no way to around it.

A bitch is going to need a special bitchfirmation for tomorrow!

To be said when walking out the door tomorrow preparing to face a day of voting and driving voters to the polls. Or while applying fantabulous MAC lipstick prior to your final afro fluff of the preparation for voting and driving voters to the polls.

Do this…and do it well and with purpose…for all those who couldn’t and wanted to, who were denied and longed to…for all those who were turned away and left to dream of what too many take for granted today.

Know this…and know it well and for a purpose…that every vote matters and counts. That behind each vote is a voice, a dream, a need and a reality.

Go on with your bad self and get your vote on…with rhythm in your stride and knowledge in your mind!

Oh, hell yes.

Tuesday August 8th is the Missouri Primary and all the cool kids will be wearing I Voted stickers (wink).

See you at the polls…


Kit B. said...

Dearest Bitch,

I thought you last night. I was eating at Culpeppers in the West End and a HUGE truck with a gigantic plasma screen television in the side of it drove by blaring commercials for Yaphett El-Amin.

It was a drive-by commercialing!

This most certainly is going to be an exciting election year.


ps-I'm wearing my I Voted sticker right now! :)

Shark-Fu said...

Shit! I didn't get a I Voted Sticker at my polling spot.

I'm going to hunt one down at lunch...

p.s. now you've got me craving wings.

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