Monday, August 21, 2006

By request...books...

A bitch has been tagged by a certain Littlemilk.

Okay, but only because it is about books…

Book that changed your life. Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism by bell hooks
This book introduced me to the idea that a person does not have to be invited to question or challenge. It also inspired a lifelong exploration into black female anger...of how too many black women fear the stereotype more than they fear being silent in the face of oppression. I did not feel the need to agree 100% with bell hooks...which was fantabulous...but I did hear her call to think and have a fucking opinion. Yeah, this book changed my life.

One book you have read more than once.
I often read Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Color me nerdtastic, but it centers me. A bitch finds an examination of our birth helps illuminate what has been corrupted.

One book on a desert island.
A notebook full of blank pages…and something to write with.

One book that made you laugh.
Birth of a Nation by Aaron McGruder, Reginald Hudlin, Kyle Baker (Illustrator)

One book that made you cry.
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Linda Brent (Harriet Jacobs).

One book you wish you had written.
Rancidity, emaciation and the shame of Cornell University: Why Ann Coulter should embrace the hermit life that is her AngryBlackBitch (wink).

One book you wish had never been written.
Oh no...not a single one. Everything happens for a reason.

One book you are currently reading.
Cross-X by Joe Miller. Joe blogs at Kansas City Soil and this is his first book.


One book you have been meaning to read.
One? Shit! Ummm…shit. Oh hell, I don’t know. This bitch is working on my book too much to fret about my reading list.

Now tag five people…

Jeffrey Ricker, Maven, Cranky Prof, Certifiable Princess, Kusala...



Joe Miller said...

I think bell hooks is the most important writer in America right now. I've been greatly influenced by all the books of hers I've read, but especially the ones on love, self esteem and education.

Margaret said...

Common Sense was a great read, even I've read it a few times. In fact, maybe it should be republished and/or rewritten to reflect some shit going down today.

Spring, Ph.D. said...

Common Sense is wonderful, I keep it by my bedside, and since I teach social policy, I recommend it to my students as well. The Age of Reason is another good read by Paine.

Littlemilk said...

bell hooks was THE pivotal point in me turning an intellectual corner way back in 1995. I am there with you. I did not fall in love with her at first I must admitt, but she did hold a mirror up to me, my community and my culture that was worth the second, third and fourth glance.

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd written that book, too! "Rancidity." What a perfect word for that besotted wench.

And Common Sense is nothing to be ashamed of liking.

Joe said...

I'm truly honored to be tagged by a bitch. See my answers here.

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