Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Representative, his office, the money in the freezer and the curious incident of selective adherence to the Constitution...

My ass woke up sincerely hoping that today will be less drama filled than Monday.


Let’s jump right on in like a 7 year old boy swimming from Alcatraz

The Representative, his office, the money in the freezer and the curious incident of selective adherence to the Constitution...
Have y’all been following the sad and sorry tale of a certain Representative William Jefferson (D) of Louisiana?


Well, you need to! This story is unfolding along the lines of Spiro Agnew taking cash in a cheap ass envelope while sipping sweet tea in the office of the Vice President!

Yes, yes, yes...no formal charges have been filed against Representative Jefferson. Yes, there are only allegations of bribery, international bribery, some $90,000 wrapped up in…ummm, probably freezer bags because they seal up with that nifty zipper thang and Lawd knows you don’t want your bribe money getting freezer burn (wink)…oh, and all manner of other corrupt and shady assed shit.

A bitch, being a Watergate fiend, was beyond amused to read that Representative Jefferson may actually be caught on tape chatting away about this shit.

All of this truly is hard to believe, because of the almost over the top bad made-for-television plot like nature of any elected official being caught on tape discussing their corrupt behavior in the post-Watergate era.

Come on now!

Heaven to hell and back again, at least the allegation isn’t that he taped himself.


Anyhoo, we shall see how this shit unfolds…but a bitch is more interested in the curious response from the Republican majority.

One would assume that a political party that has been thrown up against the rope and tenderized for the past year over the issue of corruption would seize the opportunity to get a few jabs in now that a Democratic congressman is feeling the heat.

So a bitch was amazed to read that the response was…well, different.

Mmmmhmmm…Speaker Hastert condemned the search of Representative Jefferson’s congressional office!

He issued a harsh statement saying he planned to "seek a means to restore the delicate balance of power among the branches of government."

Oh my!

Even Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist weighed in saying that multiple governmental groups were meeting to figure out "what a proper course of action is."


Those are some pissed off Republicans...and they appear to be fired up at the violation of their privacy and the separation of governmental powers!

Did someone re-read the Constitution...or is someone selectively deciding to apply the law when is benefits them and ignore the law when it seeks to fuck over the masses?

Now, a bitch understands that this may be going down this way because of the multiple corruptitude investigations currently going down that involve Republicans…and they probably don’t like the precedent of the Department of Justice kicking down the doors of legislators to gather evidence because their door may be next…but is a bitch the only one to see another GLARING hypocrisy here?

How the fuck can they fix their face to pontificate about maintaining the separation of powers when it comes to their privacy as an elected official when they just told Gawd and everybody that individual privacy does not apply to issues of national security.

Citizens were told to sit down and be quiet when we complained about the possible collection of our private phone records...and the logic given was that privacy does not hold when the government is seeking to, umm, investigate a crime. Broad and sweeping privacy violations are cool...unless it's your privacy, huh?

A bitch sincerely…very sincerely…hopes that the Department of Justice sets up camp in the halls of Congress, ruffles through Senator’s paperwork and screens the fucking hell out of every single elected officials phone records!

Fuck it...keep screening those calls until you catch a crime...right?

It’s a matter of national security…right? We can’t have elected officials bribing folks or taking bribes…right?

Given the delusional and completely unconstitutional NSA phone record collection logic that was supported by none other than Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Frist, privacy simply does not apply…right?

And the Constitutional issue of separation of powers? Hmmm...how best to say this...ummm, well the reason a bitch warns against picking and choosing when to ignore or adhere to the Constitution is that...well, one day you may need the law you just weakened.

My people call that common sense (wink).

For now a bitch advises those flip flopping members of Congress to open their mouths up and get a good taste of the Constitution ignoring secret state-esque shadow government bullshit they’ve been serving the American people!


BarefootCajun said...

Jefferson's been on the take for quite sometime. The powers that be have been trying to get him on something solid for quite a while.

As for Hastert, Frist, and their ilk - my grandmother always said, "God don't come down with a stick." It's all fine until your ass looks to be the next one on the line. Hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

This is standard operating procedure for Republicans, though. The real problem is they made their bed with Bush and his administration and it didn't pay off. Their blatant disgregard for privacy, the rights of their citizens and creating legislation aimed at actually supporting a MAJORITY of our nation as opposed to a minority didn't result in anything but shrinnking poll numbers and ties to this bull-headed and poorly-regarded Administration. And now this. Now they realize they were just tools, pawns who squandered away their power thinking they were on the way to their "one party country" and they see they are not really a part of the true power elite. They don't like that and only just NOW they want to reclaim what they've squandered. Now, more than ever, the opposition party needs to kick it in gear and push priorities and morals. They can do this even despite Jefferson's possible criminal acts. The question is, will they?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis, Jefferson (D) may not be getting the heat you'd expect from the other side of the aisle because that's where he lives. Check out the John Nichols article in the Nation (http://www.thenation.com/blogs/thebeat?bid=1&pid=85828)
All best, Jebro

Anonymous said...

ABB, I raise a vodka cran to you for the most sensible thing said on this. They're so intent on trampling the people, it's about time some of this crap came back to bite them on the ass for forgetting we're a nation of laws, not men.

Dangerfield said...

ABB thank you for preaching the truth. I have a post on my blog about the Jefferson scandal, you have put the (hypocrits) republicans in thier place.Thanks once again and peace. Mark

M A F said...

When I first heard that Jefferson was on video tape taking a bribe I thought about Marion Barry. There has to be a joke, or at least a cartoon somewhere in this story. I just had an idea...

Anonymous said...

The really deplorable thing about all this is that those of us in New Orleans, who Jefferson theoretically represents, really need his influence as a member of the Ways and Means committee. His base, the people that have supported his political organization for more than twenty years, are either scattered across the country, living in tin cans in their former yards, using the slab that used to be their home as a patio because a family can't be crammed into a 17x10 space all day. They are being swarmed by flies and mosquitoes day and night. They are drinking water that smells like it was taken from a swimming pool. New Orleans is basically a third world city, and our congressman is peddling his influence to the highest bidder. What might be a joke in the best of times seems truly evil in this particular time.

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