Monday, May 01, 2006

A rich man's justice...

A bitch is feeling much better, but my ass wills till keep my doctor’s appointment this week. And a bitch fully intends to check out some of the remedies suggested…that sinus rinsing shit has worked pretty well for C-Money.

Diving right in with clear eyes and extreme bitchitude…

A Rich Man's Justice...
A bitch arrived home Friday night and turned on the television and was greeted with a Breaking News banner on CNN announcing that Rush Limbaugh had been arrested.

Oh my!

My ass hurriedly fed the dawgs and fixed a vodka cran…and in that short time Roy Black’s defensive ass had somehow corrected the CNN banner…does he have powers? Lawd, have mercy, the breaking News banner now read Limbaugh Booked!

Amazing what money and a direct line to the CNN editorial desk can get you.

Limbaugh was booked and released. Nice smile…a bitch is really impressed with the mug shot affectation conservatives have decided upon. Between DeLay and Rush…oh my, those are some happy motherfuckers up in jail!

So, Rush faces no jail time if he completes some more treatment for his addiction. He will not have a criminal record and, as nasty as my ass can be, this actually is what most people who brake the law to feed their addiction should be offered for a first time offense.

The problem is that a bitch is left bitter that Limbaugh is getting the kind of deal he has railed against for years.

It just doesn’t settle well, does it?

My beloved father used to respond to this kind of news by muttering something about 'the white man’s justice'…a bitch interprets Rush’s deal as a rich man’s justice.

Oh, and for the record...because it pissed me off to high heaven to hear Roy Black position this as a victimless crime…a bitch calls bullshit on that!

Prescription painkillers exist for the treatment of pain. They are used by thousands of Americans every fucking day who are trying to maintain their pain…and Mr. Limbaugh started using them to treat his pain.

The illegal use of prescription pain killers hurts people who need these drugs. No way around it, you shady motherfuckers. Some woman fighting cancer…some child with a chronic illness…someone somewhere is using these drugs legally. And the availability of these drugs is thrown into jeopardy by their illegal use.

Many have called for the criminalization of some drugs as a way to regulate their illegal use. So some woman fighting cancer…some child with a chronic illness…someone somewhere will be left with fewer or no options for the treatment of a valid medical condition.

A bitch has tons of sympathy for addiction, but the abuse of prescription pain killers takes a toll on the addict and a lot of other people as well.

So, don’t try to sell this bitch some line about a victimless crime, asshole…just take the deal your money boughtcha and get gone.


Homer said...

Why am I not surprised that Limbaugh got off with a little pat on his head? Our justice system looks the other way when rich folks break laws.

Pandora said...

That's so true ABB, I've got a couple ruptured disks in my spine and it's very frustrating to go to the doctor and feel like I'm being investigated for drug abuse every single time I get 30 pain pills.

Also, have you ever heard of or used a neti pot for your sinuses? It's an old Eastern practice wherein you poor warm saline solution into your nose to clear your sinuses. It sounds weird, feels weird at first but if you can get past the weird it really does help. I work for an ears nose and throat doctor and he often recommends it to patients with sinus problems. You can get them at Rite Aid under the name SinuRinse. Like I said, it sounds bizarre but after you get used to it it's better than Afrin (and better for you).

Shark-Fu said...

Actually, C-money uses that neti-pot and my ass wants to say NuggetMaven mentioned it too...a bitch is gonna get one today!

Maven said...

Somehow it just doesn't seem right... Limbaugh will no doubt skate after this... yet ganga isn't readily available, for cancer patients...

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