Monday, May 08, 2006

On a much lighter note…

A bitch is tossing out sincere thanks for the fantabulous and supportive feedback regarding my Mother’s Day post!

Y’all are some kick ass people and a bitch appreciates the encouragement…and the bitchitude too.

After purging that emotional baggage yesterday, this bitch heading over to Tower Grove Park with Betsey the sorta-beagle for a dawgy walk-date. We met up with a certain Gatsby’s Ghost and the Catch and their dawgs Dakota and Bonnie.

As a dawg mom, my ass is always proud when Betsey behaves 'round company. She had a blast sniffing and peeing and so forth. The weather was pleasant and the walk was just what my ass needed to clear my mind. There’s something so simple and uplifting about witnessing the absolute joy dawgs get out of a walk. And this bitch was able to enjoy a weekend visit with Gatsby’s Ghost and the Catch!

Oh, and then we indulged in homemade ice cream back at their crib…Thin Mint cookie of the Girl Scout variety and white chocolate chip yumminess mixed in with ice cream made from scratch!

Oh, hell is good.

This bitch plans to convince them to incorporate Smartie-based yumminess into the mix next time (wink).


Anonymous said...

Aren't dogs the best? After once again being behind a car with a dog doing the requisite head-out-of-the-window thing, I've decided that I want to be a labrador when I grow up. "Go for ride? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

Jason Lott said...

That's it. I'm leaving work, getting this stupid suit off, going to the park with the mutt, and then getting some ice cream.

Right. Fucking. Now.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

The Catch says that if you'll supply the Smarties, he'll prepare the mix.

Oh, he also added that since he'd run out of cream, the ice cream on Sunday had been made with one cup of 2% instead of all cream--so it wasn't even the best he's made. Next time, we'll make sure you get the full-on horror....

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