Monday, May 22, 2006

Better late than never...

A bitch had a busy weekend that included some serious philosophical discussion time with my Play Husband and Brother Rob Thurman at Sweetie Pie’s Sunday night. Suffice it to say, my brain was recharged and my stomach was full of real corn bread.

Today’s post has been delayed by an office dawg based drama that involved a trip to the dawg emergency room and much fretting. This particular dawg was throwing up and so forth…which is distressing to witness and potentially dangerous in those kind of copious amounts. Thank Gawd a certain Gatsby’s Ghost was on the scene to take the situation in hand, drive to the dawg emergency room and generally save the day!

The dawg in question is now resting comfortably, but my nerves are shot to hell.


That’s a lot of drama to digest before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, chil’ren.

Moving forward while longing for a vodka cran, light on the cran…

Vote-based news…
A certain New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin won re-election over the weekend. A bitch just happened to be watching CNN when they broke in with the surprising…extremely surprising…oh my Gawd, who would have ever thought he could win after that chocolate city comment…major political surprise victory like thing. The anchors were beside themselves with shock…overcome with surprise of it all and…well, clearly disappointed that the Fall of Nagin piece they had obviously put together would never see the light of day.

Shit, even Mayor Nagin looked surprised.

Now the work begins…and hurricane season is almost here. A bitch sincerely hopes that Mayor Nagin delivers…and that the federal government delivers on that we will rebuild promise too.

To all y’all in the Gulf region…keep your head up! Stay vocal, stay strong and stay active in the process.

This bitch and a whole lot of other people have got your back…big time.

Fair weather friends…
ABC News is reporting that Katherine Harris is now being given the cold shoulder by The Brothers Bush. Talk about abandoning someone in their time of need!

After all she did for them…well, it’s shameful (wink). That rancid heifer went to the wall, stood up against will of the people and the Constitution on their behalf! And they can’t even toss her a political lifeline.


Where is the love for this former Bush gal pal?

Is the Bush well dry…or did Katherine get played?

Fuck it…it couldn’t have happened to a more rancid stankified heifer...with the exception being Ann Coulter, of course.

This bitch imagines Katherine staring blankly at her reflection…much like Glenn Close at the end of Dangerous Liaisons…alone, horrifically botoxed and shunned by the delusional W is for Women crowd.



Anonymous said...

Katherine is actually pretty sad. But she has stamina. She must have the goods on someone in the Republican party. How else do you explain the fact that they haven't "removed" her from the race yet?

thatfarmgirl said...

Governor Blanco and the LA Recovery Authority are in charge of all that federal money, not Ray Nagin, so we need to hold HER and THEM accountable. I don't envy Nagin's next four years.

And what the heck? I thought Brother Rob WAS your Play Husband?!?

M A F said...

First, glad to hear that your dog is doing better after her bought of sickness. I've watched my dog go through the pained me to watch. Worse still was the time I had to give her hydogen peroxide because she drank something toxic.

And while I am on the subject of regurgitation...It is only fitting that Ms Harris is now getting screwed over by the men that she helped to screw over Florida voters by illegally purging their names from Florida's voter registration.

Besides, didn't the brothers Bush already did help Ms Harris with her campaign to become a member in the House of Representatives. She didn't do nearly enough for this administration to warrant his support for a six year term to the US senate.

Shark-Fu said...

Good point thatfarmgirl...and a bitch agrees that the next four years is gonna be full of drama and challenges.

Oh and we're going to have to get my Play Husband to do a guest post so that folks don't confuse him with Brother Rob Thurman (wink)!

For the record, His Pontifical Fantabulousness Brother Rob Thurman is my blogfather and spiritual advisor...but he and my Play Husband both appreciate real corn bread and collards...

BarefootCajun said...

I'm glad Nagin won reelection. I always held that the man did the best with what he had in a horrible situation. I trust him more that I trust Gov. Blanco (who governs by committee) and FEMA. Nagin made a couple of stupid remarks in the months just after Katrina but I let him slide for it. If anyone is suffering from PTSD after all of that, it's probably Nagin. I wish him well and look forward to him moving New Orleans forward during the rebuild.

Nine more days before hurricane season starts. Bleh!

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