Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some thoughts to kick off the day...

Happy Tuesday, chil’ren! A bitch hopes that y'all had a safe weekend.

A note regarding Memorial Day…
C-Money posted some Memorial Day thoughts and this bitch doesn’t have a lot to add to them…just a wee bit.

Yesterday a bitch participated in my Memorial Day ritual. The ritual started way back when a bitch was young. My father, bless his soul, would settle into his favorite chair with a beer…this bitch would settle on the floor with a glass of grape Kool-Aid…and we would watch movies and documentaries about war and conflict. Each year, in our own way, my family would pause and remember. No heavy discussions or speeches...just thoughts and memories.

Memorial Day honors our nation’s war dead beginning with the Civil War and moving through history…the First World War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and now Iraq.

And so the ritual continued yesterday as a bitch paused to remember and imagine the day when we study war no more.

Seeking the story…
This bitch is pretty hard on the media, because my ass believes that an independent press is vital to the liberty equation.

But a bitch acknowledges that it is easy to get caught up in the negative drama and overlook the amazing work many journalists do.

Two journalists working for CBS died over the weekend...cameraman Paul Douglas and soundman James Brolan. Kimberly Dozier, the CBS journalist who was with them, is fighting for her life. They knew the risks and they went after the story.

More than 70 foreign and Iraqi journalists have been killed covering Iraq since the invasion.

Today, after filing reports, journalists covering conflicts all over the world will go out and seek the story again.

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