Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want Part 2…

Senator McCain has selected the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his GOP V.P. nominee.


Alright, give me a moment.

Blink again...pause...consider...continue.

Okay, so now we're playing some serious crazy ass high stakes political poker...big time!

Michael Murphy was on Meet the Press today and, may the goddess forgive me, a bitch actually agreed with his ass on Gov. Palin.

Lawd, have mercy.

Worry not, a bitch has several purification candles going even as I type.



When Brokaw asked Murphy about how the resurrection of wedge issues like the creationism vs. evolution debate in public schools would play with independent voters, Murphy said

“It's trouble. Again, if we get into a social issues debate with those particular swing voters, we're in big trouble. I believe that McCain cannot win in this environment without ticket splitters, people who vote for him for president but vote Democrat down the ticket. He may need as many as one out of five of his ultimate voters to be a ticket splitter. So the question is in a bad base year for Republicans, if we get caught on pure base issues--I agree, the evangelical vote loves her, but I, to the point I said earlier, I'd rather have lukewarm evangelicals and a whole lot of voters...”

Yeah, this bitch has to agree.

But it's hard to sound "with it" to regular folks when you're dismissing science in favor of...well, it's not really creationism...ummm, and it's not science...sniff...yep, that's bullshit

At any rate, the selection of Gov. Palin opens up the door to one hell of a political chess match.

A bitch is beyond excited by the challenge being presented to voters to do some inner work…which most voters prefer to avoid like the plague…and really come to terms with what the fuck we all want.

Experience or judgment or a combination of the two?

Change for the sake of change or change in a specific direction?

And the fact that Gov. Palin is a woman provides an awesome opportunity for women voters to explore the gender issue from a different angle.

As a Missourian this bitch is beyond familiar with powerful women in politics who are appealing on so many levels yet remain rancid to the core when it comes to domestic social issues. But many of the political debates of the past several months have revealed the fact that a lot of folks assume some sort of genetic social justice tip for all women in politics that just doesn’t play out in the real world.

Palin provides an almost perfect case study for this…she has a unique background, some specific energy policy experience and a record on reproductive justice that, when coupled with her support of intelligent design as valid theory worthy of debate in public schools, is enough to make this bitch wonder whether Phyllis fucking Schlafly got a face lift and moved her hateful ass to Alaska.

Buckle up, chil'ren!

This is going to be one wild ride toward November...


dgun said...

Your concerns not withstanding Shark-Fu, this is one of the biggest political blunders I have seen in a while.

The only substantive issue Republicans had with Obama (not that they much care about actual real issues) was the experience question.

They just forfeited that issue and made it null and void by putting Palin on the ticket, someone with diddly-squat's worth of experience, who, OH BY THE WAY, would be one heartbeat away from the presidency behind a 72 year old man.

Friðvin said...

One wild ride indeed. And I need to get myself a case or two of those purification candles.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that women who believed in the ideas Sen. Clinton ran her campaign on are able to see past this stunt. If you believe in a woman's right to choose, then Gov. Palin is not your candidate. The Obama people need to keep it that simple.

Unknown said...

Well, this is an example of the hair trigger, impulsive decisions we can expect from McCain. I don't want either of them near the red phone at 3 am. I guess her daughters are supposed to mother her baby with the breast milk she pumps on the campaign. I'm sorry but a baby with disabilities needs full attention. But she evidently has a lot to discover about what a disability entails. read Sarahlynn:

The Lazy Iguana said...

I think McCain was trying to sneak a holy roller in under the radar.

It did not work.

I will agree that creationism should be part of science class when and if churches agree to make Darwin's work part of The Bible. Right after Genesis.

And every sermon from Genesis must be followed by a lecture by an evolutionary biologist.

After all, if religion will make science education better - then science will make religious studies better too! Right??!?!?

A lot of people point out that Palin is a former Miss Alaska winner. So that is what makes a woman "qualified" for office? Winning a beauty contest?

Am I in fucking junior high school again?!?!?!?!

Anyhow, here is my theory. I am posting it here first.

Expect an army of "Hillary" voters to show up at McCain events. These "Hillary" voters will be female, and will loudly proclaim to everyone who will listen that they used to support Hillary but are going to vote for McCain because he picked a woman VP. You know, "we will not be ignored" shit.

only it is all going to be fake. The "Hillary" voters were never going to vote for her. They just want to make it look like the Democrat party is split, hoping to take some independent voters with them.

The ploy may work. There are a lot of stupid people out there.

Oh yea, if McCain does win his VP will be told to sit down and shut up - while the men folk make all the complex decisions.

Her job will have already been done.

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what McCain was thinking. Clearly he doesn't get that it wasn't just about Hillary being a woman; it was about large numbers of white women believing that she was a woman who had white women's best interests at heart.

Gov. Palin's politics are more strongly anti-woman that her running mate's.

In any event, I do believe it will be a wild ride through the end of this campaign season. I've buckled my seat belt and put on my helmet, so as not to sustain any shrapnel injuries from the flying accusations, shattering egos and other projectiles that are likely to result.

butchrebel said...

great fuckin' blog:) Funny:)

Most definitely, McCain's VP choice is indicative of his effort to draw extreme conservative/far-right Christian voters.

I wonder if it'll work.

Palin is frighteningly conservative (as you point out) on women's reproductive rights, but also on energy & environmental policy, the place of religion in schools, etc.,). Here's where I get stuck: she's still a woman. And fundamentalists Christians believe that women have a "place" -- and it ain't the highest political office in the United States.

What most intrigues me is what McCain's VP choice -- a white woman -- says about the powerful impact Barack Obama's, Hillary Clinton's, and their supporters, most especially women and men of color and white women, have had on the Republican Party but also the impact they (we!!) have had on history.

I believe Obama is an unstoppable force.
But I digress.

McCain's VP choice suggests that the Republicans know they can (will?) lose. They're nervous.
I dig that.

I think Palin is also meant to attract disgruntled Clinton supporters (embittered & enraged that HRC didn't pull the Democratic Party's nomination) -- particularly the white women among them by exploiting their racism (for example, the racist sentiment that led them to condemn Obama as an "unqualified black man" -- a sentiment that saturates anti-affirmative action rhetoric).

dinthebeast said...

And how about the outrageous bullshit about her having four years to learn foreign policy "at the foot of the master" before he checks out? So it's "Master Mac" now, is it? And why at his foot? I thought foreign policy decisions were, you know, supposed to come from the other end? Do you suppose that might explain a few, uh, curiosities?

Anonymous said...

I am still shocked at the vp choice the republicans have made. She has no experience. She doesn't have a law degree either. She has her B.A. in journalism. Not to mention that her husband is an OIL PRODUCTION MANAGER. And don't forget, Alaska has many natural resources, especially oil, that have gone untouched much to the dismay of the republicans.

And I agree with dgun: since Palin is the vp nominee, all the concerns and questions they had about Obama are now moot.

I can't wait until the Palin/Biden debate. I hope the prep her well because Biden will put her in her place.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I've got a bunch of thoughts on the VP pick.

1. I wonder if the GOP doesn't want to clean up the mess they made, and directed McCain to select a no-winner for a VP.

2. I wonder if McCain is figuring he'll check out of this world soon, and he's making right with God by choosing his conscience on the abortion issue. Seems to me, however, he could have found a more experienced VP with pro-life views as strong as his own.

3. I wonder if he and the GOP assessed they'll lose to Obama, but they're introducing Palin now as a way of grooming her to become a future Supreme Court Justice - where she will have a vote in Roe vs. Wade.

4. I also wonder if the rumors about Palin's youngest baby being her teen daughter's child are true, because I can't fathom the circumstances which I wrote about in a post on Sat, particularly having contractions at 4Am in Texas, giving a speech, flying 8 hours to Alaska, by passing the Anchorage hospital to drive another 45 minutes to an out of the way one to deliver a baby in a high risk pregnancy... and the airline personnel didn't even know she was pregnant. Maybe she's that reckless, or maybe there's more to this story than the mainstream media has been willing to explore. True or not, she'll ground this country into dust if she's in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Getting caught up (took a nap this weekend for once, and lookie what I missed....)

1) Trig's disability has no bearing on whether Gov. Palin should be considered for V.P. Do NOT go there unless in your heart of hearts you'd object the same if Trig's father was tapped.

2) As a (getting over it, but still slightly) disgruntled Hillary supporter and a white woman, believe me folks -we ain't that stupid. A lot of us are too educated for our own good, if you ask the Limbaughs of the world, but that's another story.

3) Thank heavens she doesn't have a law degree. She cannot sit for the Supreme Court, she cannot be the attorney general, and she has a lick of common sense. As someone with a degree in Journalism, I cannot say for certain my little B.A. qualifies me for the White House, but I sure as heck know a J.D. doesn't with any more certainty. I have lawyers working for me - I know of which I speak.

4) I have met a lot of and like people - men and women - in my travels through Alaska. They have a refreshing take on things and a slightly "feral" quality that cuts through a lot of the baloney prevelant in this country. That said, I have also found them as a collective people to be bullmoose stubborn, kind of like McCain.

5) Who on earth CARES whether her daughter is pregnant? Off to the next post...

J said...

Inner work indeed. When I had to choose between Obama and Clinton, my heart went to him, and my brain went to her, and it was a tough decision. In the end I pulled Clinton, and part of me really wanted to go with her because she's a woman. Yes, that was important to me.

Any doubts I had about my motivations were squelched, however, with Palin. Yes, she's a woman. But I would sooner vote for Paris Hilton than I would Gov. Palin. She does not stand for one thing that I respect or admire. So my inner work told me that while voting for Clinton over Obama may have been partially really, REALLY wanting a woman in this position of power, Palin reassured me that no, not just any woman would do.

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