Thursday, August 07, 2008


St. Louis political junkies are all buzzing about the indictment of Rep. Scott Muschany, R-Frontenac on a felony charge of “deviate sexual assault.”

The sanctified man-on-woman married with two chil’ren Muschany is suspected of assaulting the 14 year old daughter of a former Missouri House employee…a woman Muschany was allegedly romantically involved with.


That alone is enough to give a person pause and cause the stomach to turn, but learning this on the heals of the former chief of staff for Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder pleading guilty to displaying sexually explicit materials after getting caught in a police sting (Eric Feltner believed he was contacting a 13 year old girl over the Internet, but that person really was an undercover officer and Feltner was accused of graphically discussing sexual acts in written Internet messages).…well, mayhap something of a pattern emergeth in our Republican controlled government down there in Jefferson City.



I’m just saying!

Oh and, as the fantabulous Pam Spaulding points out, it gets even freakier because in 2006 Muschany co-sponsored legislation to toughened sex offender laws.

This bitch hopes he benefits from that legislation…big time!



Anonymous said...

That entire situation is outrageous. The man is a licensed foster parent and the girls mother WITNESSED the RAPE (lets call it what it really is)and wasn't even the one that put in the complaint against him.

And they always want to talk about how "morally deviant" "we" are.. ha

Anonymous said...

Oh, have you not heard? Word is out that all these upstanding Republicans getting caught in sex scandals are really - *really* - wait for it.....

Democrats out to make the GOP look bad by posing as Republicans. 'Sall true.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, and Muschany was the dude who introduced legislation to make it so basically anyone with a heartbeat can get certified to be a teacher. He was already on my shit list.

Tired of moral hypocrisy. Tired, tired, tired.

Unknown said...

Ah....the irony is rich indeed! ;p

Frogspond said...

I am praying that they never fostered any kids.


They look hard for his other victims. There are most likely many more.


I am not usually one for bad wishes, however, in this case I make an exception. I hope he gets in prison what he gave on the outside.

Then again, that isn't too bad of a statement. Glad I didn't write down my thoughts.

Kwach said...

For all you do, this award's for you.

: )

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