Monday, August 18, 2008

The bitness of beer…

Longtime readers know that this bitch favors vodka crans over beer, but I am a St. Louis native and my ass was raised to know the difference between personal preferences and bitness.

Now that the dust has settled from The Great Beer Brawl of 2008…cough…and InBev is poised to move in and make changes, a bitch decided to take a look at what’s what with this story.

Shit, it is not every day that a huge financial anchor and St. Louis landmark gets merged upon.

'Tis done and what comes after will define the value of this beer-based coming together for everyone involved from the boardrooms down to the taps.

According to the Post, looks like A-B suits are landing on both feet in a pile of money.


The Post reports that The Fourth (August A. Busch IV) is set to bank $10.35 million as a lump sum and collect additional fees of about $120,000 a month as a consultant…adding up to $7.2 million if he starts working next January. The Fourth will get a personal security detail and free tickets to events sponsored by A-B.

Oh, and he’ll also get around $33.6 million from the accelerated vesting of stock relating to the InBev buyout.


Someone is going to have a very merry rest of his life.

With labor contract negotiations set to begin, we’ll soon see if that generosity trickles down to the workers…


Anonymous said...

A Belgian brewer - maybe they will ferment a new flavor of Budweiser with germanic yeastiness or a "Bud Zero" or something.

Anonymous said...

Sheeeee-it. I was laid off in June by Visteon in Indiana when they closed a plant -- don't get me started on massive managerial rewards granted for backhanding loyal employees...

My goal in life has become to do my job so badly that they have to pay me multi-millions to go away. It works for the execs!

Friðvin said...

Just for the record, I drink locally.


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