Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Check this out…

Michel Martin of NPR’s Tell Me More wrote a piece for The Root.com on the selection of three white men all over the age of 68 by the Commission on Presidential Debates to moderate the debates this year.

Something about this election year makes that move seem beyond out of touch. Not that the moderators were ever representative of the masses, but daaaaammn.

If a bitch didn’t know better I’d think the Commission was trying to send a message.


Anyhoo, please take a moment to read Michel’s piece and let me know your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

Well it's a good thing, then, that some outside folks have gotten together and had the two candidates answer some question from outside the Presidential Debate Commission.

People like Rick Warren, pastor of the suburban Saddleback megachurch in southern California.


OK, bad example . . . never mind.


Do we have to??

I am tired of Michel...

Okay, okay, I'll check it out and come back to comment!


Lesboprof said...

I thought the piece was pretty compelling. Why should we have 3 old white men moderating? Isn't this the year to push the networks to make different selections? Once you read that list of potential moderators--white women and women and men of color--it makes the people who selected these moderators look provincial and closed-minded.

Unknown said...

First,I wasn't aware that the three wise men had been picked.

I think it does signal a huge lack of diversity (and originality) among the nimrods that picked the moderators, a group which includes a hispanic female and a black male according to the article.

Kinda makes you go hmmmm don't it?

berdawn said...

Thanks for the link! Good article and it raises the same questions that this entire election cycle has brought up for many Americans, namely, who are we as a country NOW. Apparently, some people still think we're old, white, and male and while change often sucks, change happens.

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