Monday, August 11, 2008

While Scooter B. was watching Olympic basketball…

…others were invading the Republic of Georgia.


Now it appears that Russia has launched a two front full scale invasion that now threatens Tbilisi.

Blink again.

Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili has signed an internationally brokered cease-fire proposal that is on the way to Russia through French Minister Bernard Kouchner and Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb, who are available to get their diplomacy on despite the fact that both France and Finland are competing in the Olympics.

Mmmhmm, for real.

Satu Makela-Nummela of Finland just won a Gold medal and France barely lost to the US team in a swim relay.

Yet ministers from both of those countries were able to drag themselves away from the coverage and get their diplomacy on because people are dying and a key region is tumbling into occupation.



This is serious as hell...the human toll, the regional consequences and the potential for this border conflict to draw allies in and escalate swiftly into something far worse…gulp...yeah, this shit is serious and should be addressed as such.

And I can’t help but wonder what, if any, pull we have with President Medvedev of Russia.

***cue crickets***



Anonymous said...

Serious miscalculation by Georgia, which leaves us up a creek since we courted them as allies in 2003.

Yay us.

When I mentioned the Russian incursion into Georgia to my friend, she asked, "Are they using Sherman tanks?"

SagaciousHillbilly said...

The corpo-fascist administration did have time today to "relax" the endangered species act. They are very busy. . . give them a break. . . they've got cash to hoard.
This is a cluster fuck all around. Georgia invades the border areas of Russia and then starts whining because Russia invades them. Bullshit. If you invade my space killing my people, I'm gonna attack you back hard and fast in a way that I believe leaves you incapable of invading my space again. both sides have been playing bullshit games for too long and thios is where it has gotten them.

Unknown said...

I glad I'm not the only one who knows Georgia started this. My daughter just got back from Bulgaria on the other side of the Black Sea. Eastern Europe does not seem to be a vacation destination...

Unknown said...

This is going to go to shit so fast, it will make our heads spin.


Anonymous said...

(hey, somebody had to read "My Pet Goat" to the Dream Team.)

Messy, this is. Georgia starts it but then Russia swoops in with overwhelming force. Nice to know somebody follows the Powell Doctrine.

And what is South Ossetia, anyway? Ossetia is a kingdom in one of my favorite SF/F series - was the fake named from the real, or vice versa? Just checking.

Anonymous said...

We can have all the "pull" we want with Medvedev; Putin is calling the shots (pun intended).

mikeinportc said...

More fools that believed Bush & Co.

Another fruit of the Iraq tree, at least rhetorically .

Glenn Greenwald's interview with Charles King , professor of international studies, at Georgetown , here, if interested in more info. Also a link to his op-ed piece in CSM.

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