Monday, August 11, 2008


A bitch and C-Money sat through a five hour (wince) person centered plan meeting Friday that was more of a work session than a sign off.

They did provide doughnuts, so things started off on a sugar-based positive note.

Although it there were several frustrating moments…there always are when we have to sit down and humanize my autistic brother’s residential treatment plan…the meeting did get the ball rolling and allow for all of us to voice our concern for Bill and resolve to make some serious changes.

Things are moving in the right direction even if the process is going to work a nerve more often than not.

A very special thank you to C-Money for being the Mistress of Next Steps and a rock every time I need her to be one.

And thanks to all of y’all who have given support advice and van-based vehicle lock upgrade recommendations (wink)…


Unknown said...

C-Money is one fine human are you Shark Fu. ;)

Frogspond said...

I am glad that things are starting to move forward for you three (and the sorta beagles too).

Apologies for not writing sooner. I have been dealing with custody drama surrounding my daughter and my parents.

Hang in there. All of you are special people that the world would be so much worse off without.



Camera Obscura said...

You were missed at supper, but I totally understand. We'll get ourselves together later.

I get heartburn just from IEPs; the thought of dealing with #2-Son's entire life should he move into a group home later gives me hives.

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