Friday, August 15, 2008

Hoodwinked? Bamboozled?

This past Monday a bitch was asked to appear on NPR’s Tell Me More show.

Only my adoration of the fantabulous Michel Martin got my ass out of bed and at KWMU by 6:30am (ugh).

Anyhoo, I was on the show with a certain Darragh Murphy of PUMA fame to address their opposition to party unity and the then uncertainty of the Clinton’s presence at the DNC that is now certain.

Imagine my surprise when it was brought to my attention that Darragh Murphy donated to Senator McCain’s 2000 run for the Republican nomination.

A bitch has listened to Ms. Murphy’s…umm, explanation…of how her donation ended up in Senator McCain’s coffers in 2000 and I don’t follow the logic of a self-identified Democrat donating to McCain in an effort to keep then Governor Scooter B. (President Bush to the uninitiated) from winning to Republican nomination ‘cause she thought that would help Al Gore.

I’m not saying girlfriend is lying...I don’t know her or her life…but that shit doesn’t make a lick of sense.

I mean, if you follow that logic and apply it to the here and now then Murphy would be supporting Senator Clinton in an effort to unseat Senator Obama so that Senator McCain will get elected.


Shit, even the crickets don't have a damn thing to say.


I shared my thoughts in the BackTalk segment of Tell Me More...listen to the whole thing 'cause the other stuff is interesting and a bitch is at the end (wink).

BTW – you’ll want to listen to Michel Martin’s comment on the moderators selected for the debates…go on with your bad self!


Kellybelle said...

I heard that! You were great and I'm listening to your response to Darragh's chicanery.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I didn't listen to the show, cause I heard in the into that they were taking PUMA seriously. Radio got turned off. Sure wish I'd gotten far enough in to know you were on.

And Ms. Martin is, as you say, fantabulous.

Jimmy said...

You go SHARK-FU. I love you. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I want to thank you because you inspired me to finally start blogging. I saw Ms. Murphey and some other twit on Hardball and though David Schuster tried to get them to clearly state their objective, she and the other dude danced and danced some more. I almost spilled my mojito I was so annoyed. I'm proud of you.

Unknown said...

I will listen to it if it's still available Shark Fu. Amazing how a McCain contributor calls herself a Democrat...hmm...smells like bullshit to me.

Anonymous said...

I did something similar in 2000. I lived in California, so there was no chance of Gore not being nominated by the Dems.

I registered Republican for the primary, and voted for McCain simply in an attempt to keep Chimpy from winning the nomination.

My logic went like this: Not knowing who would win the general election, I would rather have had McCain as a Repub Pres than Bush.

Sure, I voted for Gore in the general election...this was just my attempt to mess with Shrub during the primary.

It didn't work, but I can understand why she might have done what she did.

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks for the comment!

I understand voting out of strategy more than donating money.

Jacqueline said...

I listened to both the show and to both responses, and I have to say you hit the nail squarely on the head! I also saw the segment on Hard Ball and Ms. Murphy's inabilty to cogently explain what her motives are was evident. She finally did have to admit that she would not be voting for Senator Obama, and the other man concedes that the plan IS to try to unseat Senator Obama at the convention. Thank you for your candid view; I am a fan!

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