Monday, August 11, 2008

Pondering timing, a condom and nonoxinol-9…

A bitch takes a Friday off and all hell breaks out all over the damned place!

Lawd, have mercy…where to start?


Yeah, I might as well get to this.


A bitch is never surprised when a politician is revealed to be a human being with all the fucked up from the floor up flaws we humans have.

My heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards even though she knew about her husband’s affair back in 2006 and supported his run for the 2008 Democratic nomination despite the fact that no one in their right mind should have thought this shit would hold up under the typical media pressure.

And a bitch is sincerely concerned that the issue of poverty John Edwards so passionately…umm, err…well shit, now that word seems dirty…so ardently championed during his recent run is being pushed aside in favor of schadenfreudal explorations of who got who pregnant and when two grown ass motherfuckers who should have known better started getting it on.


But I must confess that Edwards claim that he knows he isn’t the father of his extra-marital bedmate’s baby got this bitch’s comprehensive sex education hackles up.


Well, shit, the man was the very definition of TMI during that ABC News interview but his lone evidence that he didn’t father that baby was timing.


Oh hell no!

How about timing, a condom and some nonoxinol-9?


Or was that too private in the context of an interview that got all up into the who, what, when and why of that man on woman outside of the guidelines of sanctified marriage sex-tastic interaction?



A bitch is beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get through a Voter Education class term without an opportunity for Sex Education breaking out…



Anonymous said...

A bitch is beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get through Voter Education class term without an opportunity for Sex Education breaking out…

No, you won't.

Any other questions?

Unknown said...

I fear his message on poverty will be ignored too. ;(

I did however smirk at the voter ed/sex ed line Shark Fu. ;p

Anonymous said...

I gotta say that I'm so sick of the puritanical notions of this country. Seriously, what fucking difference does it make who a person fucks as long as they do their job. JFK was a womanizing schmuck but the whole country practically drooled over him. Who cares of Edwards had an affair. The only people it concerns is him, his wife and the other woman. The rest of this media bullshit is pointless.

Kate Duva said...

I always suspected John Edwards was a sinner. Anyone who looks that clean and keeps up a Ken-doll hairdo is a dirty, dirty, man.

Shark-Fu said...

Kate honey, we are all sinners...even those of us with frisky kick ass Afros. As for Edwards being a dirty man, I don't know his life.

Anonymous said...

Shark Fu,

You would think that somewhere in the back of his mind, Edwards would've contemplated the use of at the least, a condom. That alone could have saved him some embarrassment.

I keep wondering, though; Do you think Mr. Pelosi, Mr. Bailey-Hutchinson, or President Clinton would stand by their wives if Nancy, Kay or Hilary had an affair?


Shark-Fu said...

Interesting question and we will never know. Gov. Patterson and his wife are still together and both of them admitted to cheating on the other.

I just don't know...

Frogspond said...

Amen CableGirl!!

When the whole President Clinton scandle came out I was like "who the fuck cares!" At that time I lived on Capitol Hill and took every opportunity to bend the ear of every congresscritter's staffer I ran into when I was playing pool to explain that it is NONE of our business who he fucked. The only person who should be involved is his wife. (Nope, not even his daughter, but that is a blog entry of its own). I even offered to take my hard earned money and buy the best china I could find and drop it off at the White House gate for Hillary to throw at his head. That was the only involvement any of us needed.

billie said...

given the fact that this is all the msm deems newsworthy at this time- i think that i would be shocked if a sex ed. discussion DIDN'T break out :)

calugg said...

As a member of the queer community, there is a measure of karmic justice Edwards is facing. He DID defend his "no" on queer marriage (and civil unions and DP's), because of his religious beliefs. So his religion was more important than my civil rights.

However, these religious beliefs went out the window pretty fast when HIS penis was involved.

At this point, I firmly believe that any pol who doesn't support queer rights has something going on in their own sex life to which their religious breathern would not approve.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Accidents happen - maybe John did use a condom and it broke or came off. I don't feel sad for this accident; at least he has a daughter (if it's his), and if he loves her and treats her well, in the long run, she may be one of the best things that ever happened to him.

Anonymous said...

we seem to forget JE, a lawyer had a contract with his wife. A marriage contract. would this be considered a failure to uphold the contract. If so there should be some compensation to the party that was wronged. DID JE enter a verbal contract with the other woman would it be considered unenforceable as both parties had knowledge of the other contract the first party had entered into. Now a contract entered into can be void and unenforceable should conditions be right. What about the children with the wife do they want a sibling a half sib as it were will their inheritance be affected anyway what about someone's word there was a time when someones word meant something -- then there is the notion talk is cheap -- actions speak louder than words -- and me thinks he doth protest to much

If nothing less it is sad that this dude didn't divorce his wife and give her the huge house in NC and he could go be happy with the new woman but he is concerned about poverty he ought not make the first wife college sweetheart be living in poverty conditions

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