Thursday, August 07, 2008

People centered plan preparedness…

This bitch and C-Money will be attending our brother Bill’s plan meeting tomorrow. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of residential treatment, a plan meeting is where guardians, staff and social workers gather to create a document that will contain my brother’s life.

For real, it has everything from his dreams and wishes to his dietary needs and his daily socialization goals.

It’s a jarring thing to look at a document and know that your loved one’s life is in there and it is a humbling task to review such a document on behalf of another person who is counting on you to make sure he doesn’t get fucked over.


And Lawd have mercy, plan meetings work this bitch’s nerves.

Okay, meetings work my nerves…but plan meetings sit on a nerve and do a dance.

Anyhoo, our hope is to include a plan to address Bill’s recent jumping out of a moving van in traffic incident in his people centered plan this year.


With any luck this meeting will include doughnuts.



Yankee, Transferred said...

Doughnuts there, and a vodka cran afterward? Here's to ya'.

Anonymous said...

Sending plentiful doughnut thoughts your way.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hopefully all the reviewers will have actually read his records. Years ago and in my son's IEP school meeting to get higher level services, I sat through two, each two months apart, and over half the mo-fo's still hadn't read his records. They made every excuse to not give him the services he needed - and got away with it. I tried again the following the year, but by that time, he'd give up on school and dropped out.

Unknown said...

Wow, I had no idea how much goes into Bill's life to make him as self-sufficient as possible Shark Fu.

You have educated me about Autism and the in's and out's of dealing with a loved one that has it. But this 'plan' is a good thing right?

Thank you so much. ;)

rainywalker said...

I have three sisters. It good your brother has you. Best wishes.


Hello there!

This is an incredible journey that you have shared with your readers.

It is immensely helpful for those who are in my vocation.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Rev. Bob said...

Warm donutty thoughts to you and your brother. Having a plan is good. When the director of therapy at a place nearby told me and my son what was broken in me (somewhat different) and said "we've got a plan to put you back together" that changed my life.

Anonymous said...

HOpe they have some chocolate glazed coconut donuts on hand, plus some HIGH test coffee, my friend.

Sorry I've been in another world as of late and missed out on reading about Bill's tumble episode in a more timely fashion. I hope he's healing quick, and that your frazzled nerves are gradually getting soothed.

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