Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pondering political legacies under the influence of NyQuil...

Lawd, a bitch feels like absolute shit!

It seems that this head cold Ebolaesque sinus drama from HELL…cough…is in control of my body!

Right nostril clear…left nostril still suffering Boston on a Monday morning level snot-based traffic jam.


Thank Gawd for Senator Larry Craig’s public flip flop, because this bitch needed a distraction yesterday…big time!

When Senator Craig announced he was leaving to fight the good fight on behalf of all wide stance posturing Senators who enter airport bathroom stalls, tap their feet three times and then wave their hands in the air and I mean wave them like they just don’t care…mercy…this bitch was pretty sure Larry was down for the count.

And I must admit that I enjoyed his random as hell comments concerning his confidence that Senator Specter was now in his corner and believed Craig had been railroaded...railroaded, for the love of Gawd…into admitting guilt before a judge some two months after the incident and having been advised of his legal rights at the time of his arrest and during the hearing at which he admitted before judge and everybody that his wide stance was not as innocent a spreadage of leg as he initially stated…oh, hell yes that shit was entertaining!

Y’all need to try watching CNN whilst high on NyQuil and Theraflu…which should not be taken together, trust a bitch (wink)…anyhoo, that Craig shit was fantabulous!

But the odds of Senator Craig being able to reverse his guilty plea and stay in office are about the same as the odds of the much anticipated Iraq status report containing a multitude of achieved benchmarks and real political reconciliation.

But Craig is fretting about his legacy...and it seems he's not the only one. Did y’all catch Robert Draper on television pitching his new book Dead Certain about Scooter B.? It apparently contains interviews with Bush and his minions.


C’mon, you didn’t buy that bullshit about Bush not caring about his legacy did you?

Anyone who thinks that the kind of person with the ego it takes to want to be President and the ambition is takes to achieve the presidency is capable of leaving that office without trying to shape how history regards their tenure is fucking insane.

The funny part is that Scooter B. is as graceless in shaping his image as he is in all things. Spinnage from Dead Certain currently centers around Scooter B.’s admission that he “does tears” and that he tries not to wear his worries on his sleeve.

While the President cries on God’s shoulders he is also playing a game of delay and redirect with the hope that both political parties will adopt a policy of no change in Iraq and allow him (Bush)to sail out of office with the war unended and his legacy sufficiently murkified in Eisenhoweresqe fashion so as to achieve the long term appearance of a war mismanaged by the leadership that followed him into office rather than the fucked up mess with his name all over it that he is currently faced with.

The goal may be to make like Ike but this bitch thinks Scooter B. has misjudged his wiggle room much like he misjudged the insurgency.

Eisenhower actually benefited from his reputation as a lazy as hell golf adoring president because the “do nothing” label distracted folks from what his Eisenhower Doctrine actually did.

But Bush is anything but a dynamic conservative...and the question I'm left with is whether a president so fully branded as the Decider in Chief can deconstruct that brand enough so as to not be held accountable for the damage he hath wrought?

Mercy, now I'm really feeling illish.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Bush's legacy is fucked. He knows this. But his minions and brainless supporters will not care. They will just continue to blame "liberal historians" or "liberal revision" and then claim that Bush is the greatest president ever - behind Reagan of course.

Bush's legacy could be positive however. Thanks to him, when a teacher tells a special ed kid "one day you can be President" it could be the truth! We never know. Before Bush everyone just said that to special people to make them feel better - but we all knew it was a lie.

I would like to know if you also wonder what the hell "oldies" radio will sound like in 30 years? I wonder this all the time. I can imagine it now. "Next on good time oldies radio the classic Pimp Smack My Ho".

The future is going to be a strange place. Even without Bush's legacy to deal with. And more short bus passengers getting "elected" to office.

Anonymous said...

O Shoot! Cil" consider it entertainment, like watchin drunks in a bar. Give 'em a few and the story will change. All ends of F#c%ed up $hit! I hope you heal up real soon!
Ragweed has us all snortin' like a bunch of randy bulls at a rodeo down here!

Anonymous said...

Shark Fu - I hope your recovery is progressing in a positve direction...
Thanks for the Eisenhower focus. The genesis of the Bush (43)legacy began in Viet Nam. Funny we should find ourselves engaged with an ideology contructed from the unreconstructed partisans of THAT conflict ! The same problem occurs today as then. The vision shouldn't be focused on the nostalgia for the past, but on the dymamic possibilities of the future. We're dealing with modern crisis with Viet Nam solutions. How sad... and unfocused.
Katrina, The NE Corridor electrical grid failure,Iraq,Sub-prime, all handled with apologies from an administration time locked in 1975.
Craig echoes Eisenhower and the beat goes on....

Hammer said...

Hey ABB! I'm glad you mentioned Bush and his legacy. It's funny, I was laying in bed the other morning- trying to wake up- and I was flooded with the history of other great civilizations that tried to conquer Mesopotamia...(i.e Alexander the Great, and many others). I was wondering if Bush is trying to do what other 'great leaders' couldn't do...all for the sake of a place in a history book.

Hmmmm. Anyway, who knows, right!

Peace chica!


Hammer said...

Hey ABB I forgot a point...Don't you think you could equate Bush's toppling of the Hussein statue to Alexander's burning of Xerxes' palace ?

Random thoughts- hehe.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Dear BlackLady,
It would be nice if we had some leaders/pliticaians/public officials who were as clear and thoughtful as you are even when under the influence of over the counter brain twisting meds. . . on their best days they couldn't hold a candle. . . .
Hope you feel better soon and come out bitchin good.

Unknown said...

Damn, your sick and you still write a great friggin post!

I put this up at Sirens ABB with a couple of fine photoshops included..hope you stop by and check them out.

Feel better sweet woman.

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