Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Four Muddy Paws Micro Chip A Thon!

Four Muddy Paws is having a Micro Chip A Thon!

Saturday, September 29, from 10am-1pm

Chips are ONLY $15.00 (oh, my!).

No appointments necessary.

It is important to make sure you pet is micro chipped. If they are ever lost they can be scanned to find out your contact information.

Dr Ed from Hillside Animal Clinic (Vet to Betsey & Theo the sorta-beagles and Sweetie the three legged chow) will inserting the chips and the proceeds will go to Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Four Muddy Paws
1711 Park Ave in Lafayette Square
St. Louis, MO 63104

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Maya's Granny said...

My son's cat disappeared for almost two weeks. He had climbed into the back of a truck that was parked in front of the house and been closed in and then the truck drove a number of places before the owner went home, across the bridge. When he finally got out, it was so long since he'd gotten locked in and the truck had been so many places that if it hadn't been for his chip, no one would ever have figured out where he came from.

Because of his chip, he came home skinny and horribly dehydrated, but he was safe and he's healthy now.

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