Monday, September 24, 2007

Harnessing power of advertising…

This bitch is always fascinated by new advertising tools and techniques. I particularly enjoy watching political advertising, so I’ve watched the drama circling around a certain ad since it first began.

Hell, a bitch was amazed to see Congress roused itself and get their vote on to condemn the Petraeus ad.


Hold up and wait a minute…I see an opportunity for manipulation in favor of the masses here!

Holy shit, was advertising the key to getting shit done in Washington all this time?

ABB’s Ad pitch to get some of the people’s bitness done in Washington…
Okay, here’s the deal.

We secretly partner with and they place a full page ad in The New York Times with the following copy…

Cover Us – Betray Us!
Say no the the lies about the benefits of health care coverage for chil'ren!

Yeah, and we’ll add a picture of a miserable crying infant...perfect.

This could work, people!

Just imagine the backlash followed by hastified vote that will develop in support of expanding children’s health care coverage to cover all of America’s children just because said not to do it.



The newly discovered Politician Demographic just revealed how best to get them to move their ass. Think about it. When was the last time you saw those people debated, pontificated and then brought something to a vote in one week?

***sound of crickets chirping***



Come to think of it, we should probably follow-up the health care ad with something like...
Teach Us – Betray Us
Say no to educating America's chil'ren!
...and see if we can’t undo some of that No Child Left Behind damage while we’re at it.
Lawd give me strength.


professor/activist said...

ooooh, I loves you Shark-Fu!! This idea is sheer genius!!

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

The Congress critters always rush through pointless and harmful legislation in less than a week (see AUMF, Patriot Act, Iraq Resolution) or even a day (Palm Sunday Compromise, formally known as the Act for the relief of the parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo) -- it's over the worthwhile and necessary legislation they endlessly twiddle their thumbs or other similar sized extremities, such as on health care, minimum wage (still not a living wage), environmental protection (global warming) and ending The Cheney Misadministration's Iraq Fiasco.

Hey, MoveOn said something mean about the general that Bush politically interjected into a policy debate, so, the Congress critters now think they have to give $200 billion for the next year of warmongering. This is in addition to the $500 billion already in the defense budget -- so forget $35 billion over 10 years for SCHIP.

The GOP, "You don't need civil liberties when you're dead" is morphing into, "You don't need health care when your dead."

'Scuse me for turning this into a rant born from my disgust, which reminds me,
I'm ranked #1 (and #2) on Yahoo Search for "disgusted with george bush".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the power of advertising and the power of the commong media, you got sucked into the media lies about Jena 6. Why don't you stop spreading the media lies and tell the truth?

Shark-Fu said...

Ah stuck middle...

Locals disputing the truth is as old as nooses hanging from trees, m'dear.

As I recall, the welcoming sign to Money Miss. said "A Good Place to Raise A Boy" but that didn't make that shit true...did it?


Unknown said...

Reverse psychology..perfect!

I thought it only worked on children..evidently I was wrong ABB :)

Anonymous said...

that vote turned me into a hillary fan. i gave my blood and soul to the 2004 election down in toledo, and so did moveon. where the hell was obama durring that vote?

Anonymous said...

Or how about this.... A crowd of Iraqi citizens along with "Slay Us Betray Us." Oh... it's already happening. Never mind.

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