Monday, September 10, 2007

Iraq September Report to Congress Spin Game Viewage List of Necessary Things…

Some people watch Monday night football...a bitch prefers multi-viewing the political spin machine through the magic of TiVo!

The post Iraq progress report spin should be a battle for the record books!

ABB’s Monday Night Spin Game List of Necessary Things…
Vodka…Russian and I don’t want to hear any shit about that either (wink).
Grape Cran juicy blend...yum!
Yummified pasta dish
Notebook for documenting bullshit for future bitchitude
Dulce de leche caramel ice cream...what? It is Monday, right?


Nyla-bones for sorta-beagle distraction.

And to finish, a fresh bottle of Excedrin. Based on what I’ve been listening to on NPR my ass is going to need it.

Toodles until tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Not a comment on this entry, but wanted to bring to your attention the ousting of a member of the staff of Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper at University of Virginia. The paper published a very offensive cartoon by him that depicted a food fight among starving people. I always find it fascinating in the bedrock of the confederacy when people take back the standards of decency, and say no more.

Isabelle said...

WHEN, OH WHEN, ARE YOU GOING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT? I cannot stress enough how much we need ABB in the White House!

But until then, I just wanna tell you I love your blog and I'm a constant reader.. I continue to be amazed by your insight. I roll with laughter at your take on politics, all the while I'm nodding in agreement on the message.

Keep up the fabulous work! I will always be a loyal fan!

Sending hugs from an American ex-pat in Germany..

Unknown said...

Damn ABB..this was so could charge admission to read your musings!

At least you have a decent outlook on a very depressing issue..I heart that about you, how you can look at things.

Blog on ABB :)

Shark-Fu said...

Aw shucks.

A bitch for president?

Lawd, my administration would be out of control!

Power to the people!

Isabelle said...

Damn right, a bitch for president! I don't think any of your readers would care that you administration would be out of control.. at least a bitch would keep them HONEST!

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