Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The clock ticketh...

Okay, so I didn’t tune in to see the President of Iran speak at Columbia. But I did catch a wee bit of what he said on CNN and…well, for a second I thought James Dobson had taken over the microphone.



Well, shit…the man said there were no homosexuals in Iran! I thought denying the existence of gays was a traditional value practice reserved for Evangelicals and presidential candidates from Kansas. Some people may hate or fear, but it takes a special kind of crazy to say gays and lesbians don’t exist. But there was the President of Iran speaking at Columbia University saying that very same crazy ass shit!

Mmmhmmm….well you can bet your ass that the next time this bitch hears some American pontificating about degayification I’m going to accuse them of standing with Tehran and against America’s freedom and of not supporting the brave gay and lesbians serving without telling in our nation’s military.


Moving forward…

What’s the date today?

Oh thank Gawd.

A bitch thought I missed the big Will Senator Craig Stay of Will He Go? hearing and post hearing spinfest!

Tomorrow…September 26… Senator Craig is scheduled to head to court and try to get his disorderly conduct guilty plea tossed. Let me tell y’all, Senator Craig has been busier than a foot tapping man with a 45 minute layover in Minny since announcing that he is not gay and is going to fight to keep his Senate seat.


Senator Craig went back to work…got some support from the ACLU…and has launched several challenges to the merits of his arrest in the press.


Tomorrow is the big day and Senator Craig has not reversed his pledge to leave office if his guilty plea is upheld.

Oh my!

The clock ticketh.

Y’all bring the Kool-Aid and this bitch will bring the Smarties…


Disgusted in St. Louis said...

There is a slight difference between Ahmadinejad and Dobson.

Ahmadinejad: Denies the existence of gays in Iran (perhaps due to executions)

Dobson: Blames gays for all the problems he sees (or imagines) in America and would like to deny gays the right to exist in the United States (perhaps by executions just like in Iran)

Red Seven said...

Well, if there really were no gay people in Iran, it would explain why their President goes around wearing a Members Only jacket half the time. (Snarf!)

Seriously, there are no homosexuals in Iran because the minute they come out of the closet ... they die. And that's the big, fucked-up, tragic truth.


Joolya said...

Fer serious. There are waaaaaay more similarities between Ahmedinijad and Dobson than there are between either of them and you or me, ABB.
Let's just hope they never figure that out and join forces for ultimate evil nefarious purposes.

yet another black guy said...

the saddest part is that none of this is made up.

Unknown said...

I say Larry the freak will NOT keep his promise to leave office.

He couldn't find his ass with both hands and it makes one wonder about the intelligence of the people that keep voting this guy into office.

Anonymous said...

1. There are no homosexuals in Iran because they hang them as soon as they walk out of the closet. Something tells me that if Dobson had his way, he would hang us as well.

2. What difference does it make if Craig is gay or not. He broke the law. Period. I'm sick of these fuckers yelling foul and claiming such nonsense as they were abused as children (Foley). Grow up!!! Be who you are and shut the fuck up!!

Blue said...

Larry isn't literally going to court today; he will be represented by counsel. If his chances were miserable before, I can't imagine Hizzoner taking kindly to him not bothering to show up in person. Maybe he was worried that the judge might have a question or two to ask of him.

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